About Us:

Welcome to the Club YGOhio website.  Here you may find a lot of useful resources that provide more information and access to what the club has to offer.  We are a group of college students at The Ohio State University that play Yu-Gi-Oh from a casual to competitive scale.  We were founded in the Spring of 2018.  Our meeting location is in Enarson Classroom Building basement 017 at OSU’s main campus on Fridays at 5pm.  Some of the many activities we engage in include: casual hangouts at meetings, club hosted tournaments, regional qualifiers, locals, YCS tournaments, feature matches that get posted to YouTube, and more.  Joining is free, however, in order to participate in club events, a due fee of $5 is required.  Attending meetings is always free, unless there is a tournament entry fee decided by popular vote. If interested in joining, contact any of the following E-Board Members:

Ryan Arnold (President) : arnold.1016@osu.edu

Mike Tessitore (Treasurer): tessitore.2@osu.edu

Brendan Outlaw (Vice President): outlaw.17@osu.edu

Dean Watkins (Marketplace Manager): watkins.602@osu.edu

Matthew Piatt (Secretary): piatt.58@osu.edu

Chris Miklos (Apparell/Marketing Coordinator): miklos.19@osu.edu