Cloverbuds in the Kitchen: School Edition

August is a busy time for families as we go on final vacations and start back-to-school shopping. It is easy to get busy and forget to spend quality time together as a family. A great way to remedy that is to have Cloverbud-age youth help out in the kitchen. Some easy ways to do that are: packing school lunches together, selecting/choosing a new fruit or vegetable to try at the grocery store, or making a snack together. Another great activity is to plan a menu together so that your Cloverbud feels a part of the family decision-making process. The MyPlate Kitchen has all types of recipes that your family can try without purchasing many extra or unusual ingredients.

A favorite recipe for family members of  all ages is the Peanut Butter Dip that can be enjoyed with any type of fruit or try it with vegetables like celery. This recipe requires only 3 ingredients: Yogurt, Vanilla and Peanut Butter. It can easily be modified to accommodate allergies or picky eaters. Encourage your Cloverbud to be creative and try different flavor combinations like Greek yogurt or almond butter. This recipe also highlights the important nutrients it provides such as fruit and protein which are two important parts of a healthy MyPlate.

Looking for other healthy, fun MyPlate activities? Visit this past blog post to view other fun ways to get Cloverbud members excited about nutrition!