Heart—The Second H

Did you know? The month of February is American Heart Month. Along with the important job of pumping blood throughout our body, our heart is often associated with feelings and emotions. February is a great time to think about the second “H” in the 4-H Pledge and explore heart-themed activities with your Cloverbuds.

Science with Valentine Candy Hearts


  • Three Plastic Cups
  • Conversation Candy Hearts
  • Marker
  • Water
  • Soda (clear soft drink or club soda)
  • Vinegar

What to Do

  1. Fill each cup with one of the following: water, soda, and vinegar.
  2. Label each cup so Cloverbuds know which liquid is in each cup.

Predictions (Hypothesis)

  1. What will happen to the candy hearts when they are placed in a cup? Will they float or sink?
  2. Ask Cloverbuds to predict whether the hearts will float or sink. Record their predictions on the chart.

Experiment time

  1. Drop the same amount of candy hearts in each cup.
  2. What happens right away? What happens after 15 minutes?


  1. Were the Cloverbuds’ predictions correct?
  2. Can the experiment be extended or lead to more questions? What happens with hot versus cold water? Oil?

Heart Hop


  • Large, full sheet hearts
  • Markers
  • Additional items—markers or crayons

What to Do

  1. Draw a large heart on a sheet of paper.
  2. You need one heart per Cloverbud.
  3. Write a motion or activity on each heart. Examples—10 toe touches, 5 jumping jacks, 3 Frog Hops
  4. Ask Cloverbuds to color or decorate the hearts as they enter the meeting.
  5. Place the hearts on the floor in a large circle.
  6. Ask each Cloverbud to stand behind one heart.
  7. While music plays, Cloverbuds walk around the circle of hearts.
  8. When the music stops, Cloverbuds complete whatever motion or activity is listed on the heart they are standing behind.

Rolling Hearts Craft


  • Cardstock—white and pink/red
  • Foil or plastic container large enough for the paper to lay flat
  • Marble
  • Paint—pink, red, purple

What to Do

  1. Lay the paper flat in container.
  2. Place a small dot of paint in each corner.
  3. Lay a marble in container on top of paper.
  4. Cloverbuds should slowly roll the marble into the paint by tilting the container slowly back and forth.
  5. Once the paper has paint across much of the paper, take the paper out to dry.
  6. Once the paper is dry, Cloverbuds can trace and cut out hearts from the “marbled rolled paper”.
  7. Have the Cloverbuds glue the “marble rolled hearts” onto white paper and add a valentine saying or note of appreciation for someone else.
  8. Encourage Cloverbuds to add their own valentine saying to the artwork.

End your Cloverbud meeting with a heart-healthy snack and remind your Cloverbuds that it is important to keep this valuable muscle healthy by eating nutritious foods and exercising.

For more heart-related activities, check out Chapter 12, Heart to Heart: Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Senior Living Center Residents, in the Ohio 4-H Big Book of 4-H Cloverbud Activities. Purchase directly from Ohio State University Extension Publications or from your county Extension office, where Ohio 4-H club advisors, club members, and other Ohio residents get the best price.