Family Traditions

“I always know when Santa has been here, because I see the candy cane hanging on my bedroom door”. These innocent words came from my young daughter one Christmas Eve. I panicked because I had totally forgotten that Santa had left candy canes on the girls’ bedroom doors the previous year! Did Santa have any candy canes in the house?! How could such a small little thing be one of the most important memories of our family Christmas? And now that my daughter is grown and has her own children, Santa is leaving a candy cane on their doors when he visits.

Family traditions! We all have them, each family has unique and different traditions – some are related to a holiday, some may be school, or birthday related or may involve a certain member of the family. Traditions can offer children a sense of normalcy, build excitement in anticipation, and build special bonds within a family.

This lesson will help you celebrate family traditions with your Cloverbuds. Encourage your Cloverbuds to share their traditions through stories and pictures. They may want to think of a new tradition they would like their family to start.

Enjoy learning more about your Cloverbuds and their families. And to answer your question – yes Santa did have candy canes to leave on my daughters’ doors that Christmas Eve!