New Media Art

Space Cat: Operation Lunar Toilet Paper, by Bilal Khan
Space Cat game preview
Download:   Space Cat – Operation Lunar Toilet (Windows only)
Double-click:  Space Cat Operation Lunar Toilet Paper.exe

Baby Controller, by Alice Jiang

Shy Basket, by Moey Mugavin
Longaberger basket, Arduino Uno, breadboard, servo motor, ultrasonic sensor, wood, cardboard, masking tape, modeling clay, plastic straws, cardstock
13″H x 8″W x 13″D

Living In History, by Rebecca Sngeun Noh

Wom Hotel, by Eudola Shao
Wom Hotel - Eudola Shao

Tragic Blue, by Josh Shekhtman

Download:   Tragic Blue – Josh  (Windows only)
Double-click:  Tragic Blue – Josh Shekhtman.exe

e-motion, by Abigail Walouke

This was a different type of storytelling that I am used to so that was a challenge.  Instead of doing linear storytelling, I decided to practice what theme park designers call environmental storytelling.  Environmental storytelling is defined by narrative is determined by the viewer, not the artist.  How this happens is the way the viewer chooses the emotion and how they interpret the relation to the art within their own lives.  This is also the way a dance party would work, a Video DJ would match the emotions of the audience rather I am flipping it.  The Video DJ provokes those emotions in the viewer.

To clarify, the content visualized come from a variety of sources, mine included but I do not own all the material.  I do not own the music.  My friend Nick Francisco mixed the music.  I created effects, edited, and timed the videos; a VJ approach.