Doo-Sung Yoo

“Forgotten Message” by Mustafa Mohamed

Basically my design consists of two images in one. On the left side is a factory/industrial area teeming with large amounts of smog and smoke. The man sitting there doesn’t care and is simply reading the newspaper, which foreshadows the impending pandemic. The TV has a picture of the earth on fire, along with a crushed article about climate change. There’s also a sign that denies climate change nearby. I wanted this part to symbolize our ignorance and attitude towards climate change and how we often make excuses towards change. Some excuses include: protecting the economy or protecting our way of life. On the right side is quite the opposite. It consists of the second half of the factory, which is now empty and closed. There are no people, no working vehicles, or pollution/smog. In fact, there are even wildlife (some which are native to Ohio). The piles of dirt and trash are now teeming with plant life, and the grass has become more green and longer. The city can be easily seen and the sky is bright, nice and cloudy. There are building/signs all over telling people to avoid the virus and quarantine, along with the TV having a new picture of the COVID-19 pathogen. What this part symbolizes is the overall change in nature that can occur without negative human influence. I wanted to show we often ignore problems that don’t immediately effect us. Although the signs of climate change are clear, we often ignore them because the changes aren’t immediate. But for a new virus that can easily spread and kill people, we stay home and avoid work as the negative effects of the virus are much faster compared to climate change, hence the ‘forgotten message’. What we need to do as a society is to understand that society cannot go back to the way it was after this. There must be changes, we have to do better at protecting the planet and letting economic gains/losses prevent us from doing so. We the people have the power, and we the people have to make a change, not just for society, but for the planet itself.


“Pollution Garden” by Sofia Kuspan

The interaction of human-made environments and natural environment often is contentious, however it is an inevitable aspect of our world and we must find a harmony between these different worlds. How we intersect with the natural environment places us at odds with preserving a healthy ecosystem. This image conveys how the built environment and natural environment often conflict with one another, as human activity destroys natural habitats.

“Welcome to Paradise” by Sofia Kuspan

Upon entering the digital realm, we are often left in a dream-like state. Technology is escapism, as we drift away from the mundanity of reality, actively placing ourselves in a desired area of the all-consuming digital landscape. This series of images aim to capture these moments of escapism.



“Artificial Intelligence” by Darpan Musale

This digital age is a time where we rely heavily on our machines more than ever, so as it is ever evolving there could come a point where it literally becomes a part of us. I went to show the inside of what a future humanoid could be as if being controlled by technology. I’m taking away all aspects of human characteristics here; she is simply a machine who can be broken apart and rebuilt.


“Seeds” by Yuelin Liu

Seeds are cultures and traditions deeply rooted in our souls. We live in the same city, but we come from different places. This image shows the combination of diverse backgrounds and the same home.


“The Package” by Yuelin Liu

In the future, rich people can by a clone for their purpose. They can either use a clone for entertainment or a back-up body for the accident. This image shows how it looks when you open your clone package.


By Savanah Pfister


By Sifei Miao


By Savanah Pfister


“Noise Pollution In Columbus Creative Mapping” by Thi Nguyen

Noise Pollution in populated cities are having dire consequences on people’s health both physically and mentally. It is a serious issue that can cause hearing loss and emotional stress over a prolonged period of time. This image consists of a seven days data visual mapping of loudness (DB) of sounds collected in different parts of Columbus throughout my daily life activities.



“Reflect” by Jack Sbrocco

This piece was originally intended to bring awareness to the bushfires in Australia. Although it can be looked at as to show that if we do not do something to slow down the destruction we are dealing to the planet our world as we see it now will be just a reflection. I encourage the viewer to flip the image if possible to get a different view.

“COVID-19 Postcard” by Jack Sbrocco

This is a satirical take on a vintage postcard that might have existed if we don’t contain the outbreak. It’s meant to spread awareness on the virus.