Diana Abells

Anna Kovach, Untitled


Jamie Bridle, Nearly Touching


Jillian Davis, Odds and Ends and Untitled

I’m interested in exploring materiality and the combination of the physical and digital. I find comfort in repetition and ritual elements like lighting candles and touching familiar objects. I think objects can be really comforting reminders of people, moments, places, and intentions, and I have things that I’ve collected or been given that feel special all over my home. I like to keep letters, photos, stones, seashells, etc.

I’ve been feeling especially reflective lately and find myself returning to these objects and the memories they hold more frequently, as I’m currently separated from friends and loved ones. In assembling these objects together and making marks physically or digitally, the objects take on new meanings. I find the process and the outcome to be similar to journaling, where various emotions and memories can bubble up.


Sarah Flanagan, Vibrant Bubbles

When I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with creating rainbow bursts drawings using oil pastels.  Since I liked making them so much, I decided to try to re-create something similar for this coding project.  I found out rather quickly that detecting intersections of line segments is a rather difficult thing to do, so I decided that for this project I would try using circles instead. I did this by randomly drawing between 3 and 8 circles or squares on the canvas. To make sure they were decently spread out, I completely randomized the y value while having x values be evenly distributed throughout the width of the canvas.  Next, I just started drawing shapes around these original shapes. The challenge came from keeping track of every shape and making sure there were no intersections, but once that was coded, it was fairly simple to change the color pseudo-randomly upon each execution of the draw function.

Two images are “failures” I created by accident when I deleted the line of code that was incrementing the amount of circles in each loop. That accident turned out so nicely though, that I had to include them here as well!


Madison Sagstetter, Untitled


Peng Peng Kuang, Untitled

These past few weeks I found myself feeling particularly antsy and wanting to escape my general situation. I took this caged-in feeling and started doodling on pictures I had taken where the subject seemed to look longingly out from inside. I erased the heads and tried making marks that were coming out of the body where the heads used to be, kind of like rampant thoughts and emotions wanting out. I also tried to think about things that were difficult to cage in like space, oceans, electricity, nature, and fire. I wanted to explore the idea of putting expansive themes into a small space and having them trying to escape.


Dan Hunt, Mediation


Mary Harris, untitled and 3 Gens

For the final project I decided to use Photoshop to create images for a self-portrait project that deals with time. I used pictures of myself from when I was younger, as well as pictures of my mother and grandmother as a model of what I’ll look like when I’m older. The numbers in each of the pictures signify the time element of the project.


Keyi Lu, West Lake


Brittaney Jin, Study of a T-Shirt



Siyi Wang, Mojave Ghost


Vannaroth Ngoc, Yellow Filter
This body of work is to try and put the feelings of being perceived as “other/foreign” in the country that you would consider home. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic this makes this topic even more prevalent for many Asian-Americans. Some people see slanted eyes and yellow skin and based off those observations they view a person as less American even though they may have been born and raised here. Therefore, I wanted to push the color yellow in my work and avoid smearing the eyes in the subjects in the images. The choice to smear portions of my images was to try and capture that blending of American and Cambodian culture. Since the Khmer Rouge was the main reason why a lot of Cambodians immigrated here, I felt like it had to be in my work one way or the other and I incorporated it by overlaying them into images I felt were appropriate. Thus, I avoided including them in any images of myself because I was born and raised in the US and have only heard stories from my relatives. I hope the visual choices I included in this series shows the love I have for this country and the sadness I sometimes feel because some people may view me as “less American”.



Joey Bergamesca, Untitled


Gary Nack, Monterey Bay Jellyfish



Heather Corson, Flight


Shya Crable, Found Footage: 11-14-19


Marissa Somers, Aquarium


Marissa Somers, The Stairwell