1935: A time of Ohio State History in Fashion

1935 was a year for Ohio State fashion and history. The 1935 sweater above was worn by Loyal Orlando “Dick” Richard. His wife, Maxine Virginia Wicker, is also pictured above. Maxine was born in 1912 to Maud Adams and Lovell J. Wicker (1869-1942). She grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area. While in high school, she met Dick Richard. He was born in Williams County, Ohio in 1907 to Jesse Richert/Richard and Jesse’s mail order bride, Frances “Fanny” Cromwell Riley Richard. The family moved to Akron, and Dick attended school until his mother died in 1921. However, he later returned to finish his degree. At his time away from school, he ended up in the Detroit, Michigan area. His older half brothers owned the Richards Brothers Co. that made parts for the auto industry. After being encouraged to go back to school, it was then he met Maxine. After high school, he went off to The Ohio State University, but he left school once again before earning a degree.

After graduation, Maxine went on to become a secretary. The two dated for a total of six years until they married on October 12, 1935 in Keego Harbor, Michigan. they had three children (William “Bill” Loyal Richard, Mary Ann Richard, and John “Jack” Charles Richard) and lived in the Detroit area until Dick’s job was transferred to Cleveland, Ohio. Then, in 1951, they moved to Bay Village, Ohio in December 1951.

Dick died in 1969 from a subdural hematoma that occurred when he bumped his head while sanding his boat. Maxine went on to live 37 more years until she died of old age in 2007.

The 1935 sweater was worn by Dick. He was an Ohio State fan for life, and both of his sons attended the university. Bill studied English while Jack chose radio technology until he transferred to Kent State.

The photo was taken in 1932 with the couple wearing their OSU gear. Perhaps they were even dressed to watch for a football game. Their outfits were spectators sportswear, which includes their sweaters, jodhpurs and knickers.


A special thanks to Laura Keating for the information and photo

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  1. Good morning, my name is Ryan Gombas. My brother in law helped me find your article about the OSU sweaters and time period.
    I am contacting you because I have a unique situation. My Grandpa’s name was Jack F ( Red) Wilson and he was a multi-sport,coach and trainer at Ohio state. My mother,who is also an OSU alumnus,recently found his old OSU sweater but it’s missing the 1935 numbers across the chest. I would love to send you a picture via phone or email for you to see.
    My inquiry is I was hoping you could help direct me somewhere or might have the numbers so I can restore the sweater for my daughter ( she’s 15),who I want to give to her for Christmas.
    I don’t know where else to turn to find the authentic numbers.
    Any help or guidance would be much appreciated and would mean a lot to the legacy of my Grandpa and our family. I look forward to hearing from you soon I hope.
    Thank you for your time,
    Ryan Gombas

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