Year in Review

After my first year here at Ohio State I can say with confidence I made the right choice on where to attend school. And after my first year in the Health Science Scholars Program I couldn’t have found a better community to be a part of. The people in this scholars community is what made the transition into college life much easier. I have made countless friendships this year that are bound to last a lifetime. Not only was the transition socially a daunting experience, academically the courses, especially in the pre-health field are challenging. Living with others going through the same challenges helps to get through the difficulties of each class. Over the course of the year, I have grown tremendously as a person. From what I have learned this year, college is full of new experiences and it is important to try and take advantage of all that you can. The memories I have made in the first year alone are incredible and I cannot wait to make more next year.