Our Research

The Ag-Urban Landscape Ecology Lab conducts research in the Cleveland Pocket Prairies and other urban landscapes. These research studies help identify which management strategies provide ecosystem services, a measure of the environment’s value and contributions to our health and well-being.

Some examples of ecosystem services include:

  • pollination
  • water infiltration
  • pest and disease control
  • climate regulation

These services directly impact our ability to produce food, have safe drinking water, clean air, and healthy soil.

Learn more about our research studies:

Beneficial Insects and Soil Contamination

Cavity Nesting Bees and Wasps

Mosquito Abundance and Distribution

Pollination Services of Bees

Spider Diversity

The Pollinator Community

The Urban Forest

Urban Soils

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1253197.

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