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Ag-Urban Landscape Ecology LabThe Cleveland Pocket Prairie Project is led by members of the Gardiner Lab, directed by Associate Professor and Extension State Specialist Mary Gardiner, Ph.D.

The Gardiner Lab studies the ecology and management of urban and agricultural habitats. We are particularly interested in how ecosystem management and landscape context influence relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem’s functions and services.


ALE Lab Members and Cleveland Pocket Prairie Research Team:

Yvan Delgado de la Flor, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Ph.D.                                      

Molly Dieterich, Graduate Student, M.S.                                                                                          

Mary Gardiner, Ph.D, Associate Professor                                                                                      

Nicole Hoekstra, M.S., Research Assistant II                                                                                            

Denisha Parker, Graduate Student, M.S.                                                                 

Scott Prajzner, M.S., Ph.D. candidate                                                                                                  

Christopher Riley, Graduate Research Fellow, Ph. D.                                                                        

Frances Sivakoff, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Researcher                                                                          

MaLisa Spring, Graduate Research Fellow, M.S.                                                                              

Katherine Todd, Graduate Research Fellow, M.S                                                                              

Nicole Wright, MPHM, Research Assistant                                                                                   

Liu Yang, Graduate Research Associate, studying with Dr. Peter Piermarini                              

The Ag-Urban Landscape Ecology Lab is part of the Ohio State University’s Department of Entomology and is located on the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center’s Wooster campus.

Visit our website,, and facebook page to learn more about undergraduate and graduate opportunities to join the lab, current research projects, outreach efforts, and collaborations. Find photo updates of the Cleveland Pocket Prairie Project on Instagram.

Funding for the Cleveland Pocket Prairie Project granted by the National Science Foundation


Pocket Prairie seeding and technical assistance provided by Ohio Prairie Nursery

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