Year in Review

I’m not sure what’s scarier, the fact that I am almost done with my first year of college or the fact that I have to do it all over again. There were many trials and tribulations but overall it was a good year. I’ve made friends, I’ve grown and moved  out of my comfort zone. My biggest improvement is in my patience. I have defintely become more patient and I am not as easily agitated when things aren’t going at the pace I would like. I have matured and I find myself having higher standards for my friend group or personal acquaintances. A lot of this growth occurred outside of the classroom. I had to do a lot of growing up which required me to learn to ask questions and do my research. I’ve learned a lot about personal finance by researching loans and credit and by making better financial decisions.

All of my growth did not occur outside the classroom. The most impactful class that I’ve had thus far was my History of the American Criminal Justice System. By learning the history of the justice system and the politics at the time when certain laws were implemented, you understand why the system is how it is today. You also understand the struggles and the challenges that were faced when trying to develop a system to deal with “criminals”. I say “criminals” because the biases at the time of implementation criminalized some people because of their race or socio-economic background. Criminal Justice reform is a big topic today and many people are faced with the racist laws that have been implemented but by taking that class, you realize that there isn’t a “perfect” prison system- America has been trying for centuries to figure it out and there hasn’t been any luck. There is definitely room for improvement but determining who is repsonsible for those changes and who will pay for these changes have plagued the criminal justice system in many places. This was the most impactful because it allowed me to have an educated opinion in an area that I was not familiar with.

Of course college is not all work and no play. My favorite memory of the year occurred on Valentine’s Day. My roommates and I bought a lot of candy and watched Happy Feet. You could hear us singing the songs down the hall. On a different day we watched Shrek 2 and laughed and cried together. No matter what anyone says, you are never too old to watch “children’s” movies ! Next Year, we have applied to live together again so hopefully watching movies together becomes a tradition. I look forward to seeing familiar faces again when we return for the fall semester. I want to try new foods next year and go places that I haven’t been before, just pushing myself further out of my comfort zone. In fact, I have been accepted to study abroad in Panama this May to study Sustainability and Diversity in Agriculture. I have never been out of the country before and I have never been on an airplane, so here’s to making new memories and challenging our comfort zones!


A Spring Break Extravaganza

Okay, Spring break was not an extravaganza. I didn’t do anything remotely educational or anything that would result in personal growth. I didn’t go on a hike, or volunteer, or even get ahead in my classes-even though I told myself that I would. I guess this could truly be considered a break because I did nothing productive. I wandered around my neighborhood to see how much has changed since I’ve last visited, played with my dog, Nugget, and hung out with my grandma. I stayed up too late watching movies that I probably won’t remember, danced to songs that I couldn’t relate to, and finally ate food (that wasn’t pizza). Although, I didn’t do anything that I would consider productive, I did learn a lot about myself. I realized that I have to eat a fruit with every meal and I must have at least a vegetable a day. I realized that I took the access to fresh fruits and vegetables here at OSU for advantage and that this is a privilege that everyone doesn’t have- including my family. I also realized that I actually like my hectic schedule that I have when I’m at school, it keeps me busy and moving. I found myself sitting around doing absolutely nothing and I was honestly restless. I can’t just sit around, so I would pace back and forth in the house and when the weather wasn’t crazy, I would go outside. I also realized that I have grown a lot more than my friends back home and that caused some of us to grow apart. It was weird to go home and not make a million and four plans with friends and when I did go out with friends, it was strange to think that I didn’t have a curfew (so I could stay out all night..? but I was still home by 11 p.m.). I still am quite unsure how I fit into the world at this point but I guess I will figure that out with time. Until next time !

The Adventures of Amber in Columbus: Part 2


For the remainder of the Explore Columbus assignment, I decided to try the Nature and Outdoor Recreation list. So before the weather turned bitterly cold (Thanks Ohio…), I went for a bike ride on the Olentangy Trail. The original plan was to ride my bike downtown but that didn’t work out too well when I realized I had no idea where I was going. The signs on the trail helped a bit but there is a point where the trail turns into a regular road and that was a bit scary. With no signs in near sight to help lead the way, the original mission was aborted and I headed home. I didn’t realize how far I had biked until I reached my dorm and saw that I was gone over an hour.  I must admit it was fun and I felt like a little kid after riding my bike after all these years. I think that riding on this trail was the best exploring of Columbus that I did. Yes, food is amazing and going to see a movie is fun, but Columbus has a lot more to offer than it’s city life and that’s something that I didn’t know before riding on this trail. There were some really pretty views out on the trail and the trail is a bit isolated and away from all the traffic which made it easy to just focus on biking and enjoying the outdoors.

It was a bit intimidating though because there were a lot of experienced bikers out, who bike a lot more than I do and I felt a bit out of place at first (and I moved a lot slower- sorry!) but I think the more experienced bikers understood because we all have to start somewhere. I would definitely recommend going out on the trail, even if you are just walking. I haven’t been back on the trail since this day but if the weather lets up, I definitely would do it again. Next Time I would like to ride longer on the trail and hopefully I can make it all the way downtown. I would also like to go to the Scioto Mile and ride around and see all of the stunning views that everyone raves about.

Columbus I look forward to exploring more.

The Adventures of Amber in Columbus: Part 1

If I have to spend the next four years of my life here, why not explore? When in college, you can’t just grow academically, you have to grow as a person. This involves trying new things, meeting new people, and exploring.For my Columbus To-Do list, I have a little bit from multiple lists but the one I will choose is Local Food Favorites (because who doesn’t love food?) I love to cook and food is my best friend so I definitely don’t mind trying new foods. By the end of the semester, I hope that this assignment exposes me to new cultures and gives me a few new things to try on my own.

Today started off with a trip to North Market. I was feeling a bit homesick, so I went for what I know- Polish food. Hubert’s Polish Kitchen was amazing, I had stuffed cabbage and a mielone (which is a deepfriend ball of meat, cheese, and deliciousness). For such huge portions, it was fairly priced, my meal was $12. I also tried Boba Tea for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I found it rather weird. It was good but it won’t be something that I get regularly. After stuffing my face with Polish food, I couldn’t leave without having dessert and where else better to go then Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream? Jeni’s is classic, and will be the reason I gain weight.

The Northmarket is a great place to eat, buy handcrafted items, or people watch. I definitely would recommend the North Market to a friend and I will go back.

To continue this adventure, we headed over to the Gateway Theater to see Bohemian Rhapsody. It was AMAZING! I haven’t been this excited and hype after watching a movie in a while. I was surprised that so few people were in the theater but it was a good movie regardless.


That is all for the first adeventure in Columbus with Amber. 

Career Exploration

I have known that I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was very young. That dream has never never changed, although everything else did; the things that I liked and disliked, my strengths and weaknesses , and my back plans  have all changed, but being a vet has always been  the ultimate goal. When taking the RIASEC  test (beware, it’s a bit outdated), I noticed that I was neutral on many of the questions,  I didn’t particularly like or dislike the majority of the tasks that the survey posed. I think this is because I’m open to doing doing other things until I can become a vet. My RIASEC code was “ICS”, which stands for Investigative, Conventional, and Social. According to this survey, the best professions for me are Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, a Post-Secondary Computer Science Professor, and a Post-Secondary  Library Science Professor. To me the last two professions are complete oddballs, I highly doubt that I would be a good professor. While pharmacists are a part of the medical field, I don’t believe it is as hands on as I would like. Being a registered nurse would be a more realistic profession for me. This survey didn’t have any major affect on me, it didn’t influence me to consider other professions and it didn’t really teach me anything about myself that I didn’t know either. I think the biggest impact that the survey had on me was reinforcing my plans to be a vet.

I currently have no idea what company I would like to work or intern for. I like shelter medicine so I plan on having at least one internship and some volunteer hours at a shelter during my undergraduate years. Veterinary medicine is so much more than just operating on animals and that allows for a lot of flexibility in this profession. However, part of my dilemma is the fact that I am not keen on animal testing unless it benefits the animals, and this narrows my potential job pool. Veterinarians have a really tough job market and finding a company that aligns with my personal beliefs  (and one that pays well- vet school is expensive!) might be hard to find. I will be researching different internships and employers soon but for now, I am focusing on keeping my grades up and making sure that I am the well-rounded student that vet schools are looking for.

My plans for school involve first completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, and then hopefully Vet school. If I don’t get into vet school, I’m going to graduate school to get my Master’s Degree. I’m not quite sure what I will be pursuing for my Master’s, it may be Animal Science or  it may be Public Health. I am minoring in History so I may decide to get a Bachelor’s Degree in that. After getting my Master’s, (and cutting down on my debt) I will definitely apply to vet school again.



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Sapling Mentor Meeting

Mentor: Brietta, Sophmore , Animal Science


After my meeting with Brietta, the biggest thing that stood out, is that things don’t always go as planned. Brietta thought she knew what she wanted to do but that quickly changed once she was exposed to other things. She emphasized that college is about change, and that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some times things come up and you are taken aback, and that’t totally fine. Majors may change, future careers may change and there is nothing wrong with that. College is your time to test the water and see what you like and don’t like, which is why she encouraged us (all of her mentees) to get involved. You don’t have to be president of every club but just being active in something will make you more dynamic. Brietta also challenged us to do things that make us uncomfortable. She experienced this first hand when she applied to be in Leadership Council for the ENR Scholars although she wasn’t quite sure that it was right for her. She challenged herself, she loves it, and now she wants us to push ourselves and rise to the occasion. Because of Brietta, I think I will apply to be a peer mentor. I’m not quite sure if I will be a peer mentor for incoming ENR Scholars or a peer mentor for incoming student in my college (CFAES). Getting involved doesn’t necessarily joining a club either, being involved could be volunteering and my absolute favorite volunteer opportunity that we discussed was for the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue.

When becoming involved, you have to consider your class/ work schedule. Managing your time is necessary but making the best of that time is even more important. Figuring out your learning styles, strengths, and just things that you like and dislike can help you become a better student. For example, Brietta finds that she works best with light noise, while I need absolute silence. These differences affect where you may like to study and how you study.  She gave us a few of her favorite study spots and I will try a few of them out.

We also discussed some tips for succeeding in your classes. We all recognize that college moves at a faster pace than high school and it has harder material. Brietta made a point to mention that when studying, you should study what the professor tells you to. Some professors have different teaching styles and standards and in order to be successful in their class, you have to study what they are looking for. Another tip is keeping track of all your assignments and commitments so that you know exactly what you need to do and how much time you have  to do it.

All in all, this was a very good meeting and I learned a lot. I appreciate Brietta and her willingness to help others out and guide them toward success. Thanks Brietta!



About Me

Hiya. I’m Amber Cleggett. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a freshman (kinda sorta) majoring in Animal Science on a Pre- Vet pathway and minoring in history. My career goal is to become a veterinarian and eventually open my own practice. I would say that I am an environment advocate, I don’t just like animals ( but you cannot tell me that puppies aren’t cuter than flowers), I love nature as a whole. As a graduate of an environmental vocational high school, I spent a fair amount of time outside and learned just how beautiful nature is.

I enjoy reading and I like most genres. Unpopular opinion: Harry Potter is not worth the hype that it receives, Sorry not sorry :). I like to read while in Gardens or on swings.  I don’t watch T.V. much but when I do, it’s a crime show or something animated.

When I am outside, I like to sit around and just enjoy a good breeze or gaze at the stars. When I was in Cleveland, I would wander around my neighborhood and see what things h.ave changed. I would walk my dog and go to the park and let him play.

So that’s me . 🙂