30 Day Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

I dedicate this podcast to college students who may be struggling with some type of stress or anxiety due to different stresses, such as daily stress, stress from sudden change or traumatic experience.  Many people meditate to reduces stress or anxiety related problems and psychological stress they deal with on an everyday basis. Starting this practice, you must be mindful that dedicating 5-30 minutes a day will best to feel results. The podcast will start off  with short sessions and later extend as your meditation skills strengthen as you get close to the end of the challenge. Each podcast that you will be listening to for the next month will be considered a mindfulness meditation workshop.  Entering the 30 day Mindfulness Meditation workshop, you will begin by first completing the questionnaire to measure your quality of life. After completing the 30 day challenge the quality of life survey will be taken again to compare the results from the first questionnaire, to then measure if your overall health has improved or declined.