Otavalo, Ecuador

Otavalo, Ecuador

Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru







The GPA program will include three phases:

Pre-Departure Orientation

All participants are required to attend a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation in Columbus, Ohio. This is designed to maximize the learning experiences of participants and provide pertinent information to prior to international travel. Activities will include presentations about the Fulbright-Hays GPA Program, workshops give by area specialists about the Andes, and opportunities for participants to get to know one another. Voluntary webinars will also be available leading up to the Pre-Departure Orientation to answer any questions that participants may have regarding the project.

Overseas Travel Itinerary

The overseas trip will begin in Otavalo, Ecuador – a largely indigenous town of about 90,000 residents and home to the program’s host institution, Centro Cultural Yawar Wauki Yarina. This center is housed in the remnants of the San Pedro blanket factory and is a cornerstone of the community, designed as a living museum and open space to support and showcase the vibrant culture of the indigenous Kichwa-Otavalos. Otavalo is a perfect starting point for the participants’ journey through the Andes, due to its rich cultural heritage and opportunities to observe local customs and attractions of international reputability.

The second half of the trip will take place in Cusco, Peru – also known as the ombligo del mundo – where participants will focus on the inward journey of returning to what many people call the center of the Andes. Students will have the opportunity to explore the Sacred Valley, including a site visit to the historical Coricancha, visit to Pisac, workshops on Andean textiles at a women’s weaving cooperative in Chincheros, and weekend site visit to Machu Picchu, the famed World Heritage Site.

Post-Travel Summary Activities

Upon return to the United States, all participants will complete a post-trip survey which, in addition to measuring project performance, will also document what outreach and engagement methods participants will seek to implement in the six-month post-travel period. All participants will complete three post-travel activities:

  • Curriculum Implementation (update course curriculum that reflects their learning experience, in an effort to teach in a manner that emphasizes the common good and other relevant themes discussed throughout their travel)
  • Short-Term Outreach Activity (examples include delivering a presentation to their peers, attending a workshop/conference, participating in a post-travel webinar, etc.)
  • Long-Term Outreach Activity (disseminate gained knowledge and measure the multiplying effect of the project through activities such as publishing their learning journals or lesson plans on the program website, presenting at a workshop/conference, etc.)


The Fulbright-Hays GPA grant will cover the following:

  • round-trip international travel from Columbus, OH to Ecuador and Peru
  • all accommodations while abroad
  • travel allowance (per diem) of $1,476 for meals and incidental expenses
  • instructional facilities, professional and travel services, guided tours and cultural activities, lectures, and other project expenses in countries of study

Participants will be required to pay the following expenses out-of-pocket:

  • round-trip airfare/transportation to Columbus, Ohio for Pre-Departure Orientation prior to international group travel (cost will vary based on residence)
  • lodging in Columbus, Ohio during Pre-Departure Orientation (CLAS will provide affordable lodging through Ohio State Conference Services at a rate of $60/night)
  • incidental expenses and some meals in Columbus, Ohio during Pre-Departure Orientation (breakfast and lunch will be provided by CLAS during both days of the orientation)