Personal Development

Going into college, I had no idea of how I would grow or change as a person. I knew everyone did change, no matter how small or subtle. Many friends from high school came back from over break and for the most part, they all seemed more satisfied or happier with their accomplishments and outlook on life. For me, there are a few ways in which I changed and developed as a person, but there are also many ways in which I stayed the same person I was before college.

One of the biggest differences I’ve seen in myself after this first semester of college is my want to socialize. Back home in high school, I had a close-knitĀ group of friends, and that’s all I needed. I never had a desire to go out and try new things or do stuff just because. I had a pretty simple and straightforward way of living. However, after a semester in college, while I still am most definitely not the most social and outgoing person on the planet, I have recognized that I have grown to become more social. Going to football games, being in different groups, joining clubs, and meeting so many new people has expanded my horizon, and now I look forward to seeing what I can do with my friends. While college has been much different than high school in numerous ways, I would say the new experiences that I have been exposed to have developed my character and personality into something better than what I was before. And I’m sure my own personal development and story will not stop here, but only continue to grow as the years go by.


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