All About Me

Hello All!

My name is Jackson Clark, and I’m from Granville, Ohio, which is a small town around 30 minutes away from Columbus. I’m hoping by coming to OSU for college, it will help expand my view on how the real world works and looks like since I come from such a small community. I love to hangout with friends, watch movies, and play my trombone.

I am majoring in chemical engineering right now, but I plan on switching into civil engineering or potentially architecture. I am in the STEM EE Scholar’s group in order to help me pursue my interest of STEM studies.

I hope by graduating I will put myself in a place where I am able to help make peoples lives better all across the community, the state, or even the country. I’ve always been fascinated by designing and building things, whether it was Legos as a kid or to creating sets for school musicals in high school. I hope to be able to turn this passion I have into a career that I love.