Physics 1251, AU15

TA and Recitation Information

TA: Brian Clark


Office Hours: PRB 3194, Thursday 5-7PM (call 614-247-8268 to be let in after 6PM)

Lectures: 9AM (Kawakami), 10:20AM (Johnston-Halperin)

Useful Sheets

Recitation Example Problems

We work a number of problems during recitation. Their solutions are posted below.

8/31–Electric Fields

9/14–Gauss’s Law

9/21–Electric Potential


10/12–Magnetic Fields and Forces

10/19–Magnetic Induction and Amperes Law

10/26–LR Circuits



11/23–Interference Part 2

11/23–Photoelectric Effect

Key Concepts Review Sheets

Exam 1 Key Concepts and Formulae

Exam 2 Key Concepts and Formulae

Final Exam Key Concepts and Formulae

Exam Preparation

I have NO intel on what will or won’t be covered on the exams. They may be very useful, or I could totally be missing the mark. I have written these problems to force you to review the concepts and problem types that you have encountered in lecture, lab, quizzes, and homework. It is my instinct that these problems are slightly more difficult than what you may face on the exam setting, but again, no promises whatsoever.

9/23–Exam 1 Multiple Choice Practice Problems and Exam 1 Show Work Practice Problems

10/2–Exam 1 MC Practice Problems Suggested Solutions and Exam 1 SW Practice Problems Suggested Solution

10/24–Exam 2 Multiple Choice Practice Problems and Exam 2 Show Work Practice Problems

10/30–Exam 2 MC Practice Problems Suggested Solutions and Exam 2 SW Practice Problems Suggested Solution

12/3–Final Exam Multiple Choice Practice Problems and Final Exam Show Work Practice Problems

12/6–Final Exam MC Practice Problems Suggested Solutions and Final Exam SW Practice Problems Suggested Solutions

Various Other Sheets

I might post other useful sheets here–worked examples from group work, homework, etc.

9/8–Guide to Calculating Electric Fields of Continuous Charge Distributions

9/8–Lab 2 Group Work Suggested Solutions

9/22–Lab 4 Group Work Suggested Solutions

10/6–Lab 7 Group Work Suggested Solutions

10/12–Circuit Extra Practice and Suggested Solutions

Useful Links

Wolfram-Alpha ( A very powerful computational and research engine. It can do numeric and analytic algebra, calculus, geometry, unit conversion, etc. I highly recommend bookmarking this.

Khan Academy ( Khan Academy does a superb, free, series of online videos for introductory physics students. They are excellent for both physical understanding and the math side of things.

Hyper Physics ( This website by Georgia State is an interactive resource exploring a wide variety of physics concepts. It is great for visual learners; each concept can be clicked on for a description, and lots of diagrams are available explaining the relationships between concepts. They also have a number of very useful “applets” for you to use.

Pocket Physics: If you’re an android user, this app looks like it might be a very useful resource. Disclaimer: I do not own a smartphone and have not tried this app. Here is a link to another page with more Apple apps you might consider.

Integral table ( A very large list of hard integrals you may encounter in this class.

Science Sundays: The OSU College of Arts and Sciences runs a lecture series that is open to the public, and approaches cool science topics in a way that is accessible to a general audience.