Year in Review

So much has happened this year that I don’t even know where to start. I decided to apply to the Fisher College of Business and was accepted into my first choice specialization of Marketing! My hard work in the first semester definitely paid off. In January I joined a sorority, and later I said goodbye to Spanish class after 9 years to make room for a minor in Media Production and Analysis instead. Second semester was a bit harder academically, but I kept my head up and ended the year on a good note, already missing Ohio State after less than a week of being home. Although I felt more sad leaving OSU after 8 months than leaving my hometown after 18 years, it’s satisfying to know that I made the right choice in where to go to college.



This is a great artifact to describe my freshman year because when I received this small card, everything changed for me. This was the bid I received in January from Alpha Chi Omega, a formal invitation to join their sorority. Since joining Alpha Chi this semester, I have met so many new friends and met a ton of hard-working and intelligent women who truly care about me. I am so glad I made the decision to go through formal recruitment and I can honestly say my life is changed for the better. Even my friends noticed how much happier I’ve been this semester since I started spending time with these young women, and I am sure I’ll find much more joy through Alpha Chi in the years to come.