The Co-Cities Project

The Co-Cities project is designed to test, evaluate, and refine the Co-City Methodology through a scientific, multi-year project focused on collecting data on innovative public policies and local projects focused on shared urban resources from over 100 cities around the world. The Co-Cities project investigates those new forms of collaborative city-making that are leading urban areas toward new forms of participatory urban governance, inclusive economic growth, and social innovation. It is rooted on the conceptual pillars of the urban commons, and it comprehends a protocol, a methodology, and five design principles that are in the process of being tested in selected European and American cities. A “Co-City” is based on urban co-governance which implies shared, collaborative, polycentric governance of the urban commons and in which environmental, cultural, knowledge, and digital urban resources are co-managed through contractual or institutionalized public-private-community partnerships.
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Sourced from: Georgetown University

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