National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) Steering Committee

Each of the five regions within NUEL has three Steering Committee positions. People in these positions serve as an action team chair, regional caucus chair, or executive committee member. Expectations of Steering Committee members are to serve a 2-year term, participate in bi-monthly Zoom meetings, attend in-person meetings (2 per year), and to fulfill their role as chair/executive committee member. Marie Ruemenapp has served on the NUEL Steering Committee representing the North Central Region and began serving as the NUEL Chair in 2019. Marie‚Äôs two-year term, however, ends at the end of this year. In Seattle, during NUEL’s Caucus meeting, they decided to continue filling empty positions through an election process (with state director approval prior to self-nomination). If you are interested in becoming a NUEL Steering Committee member please forward a paragraph to Nicole Debose at and Carrie Edgar at Please include your name, photo, current title, relevant background, and reason for wanting to serve on the committee no later than Friday, September 20, 2019.

Sourced from: NUEL

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