Executive Board

Executive Board

President: Jenna Fryer

  • Hometown: Syracuse, NY
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 4th year undergraduate
  • Research: Perception of flavors
  • Fun fact: I have lived in 4 different states the past 3 years, working for New Hope Mills Manufacturing, Walt Disney World, Smuckers, and Pepsi!

Vice President: James Chung

  • Hometown: Milan, Michigan
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – Junior
  • Activities: James is a volunteer with the College of Education and Human Ecology for the Collaborative Lifestyle Intervention Program for Knee Osteoarthritis (CLIP-OA).
  • Fun fact: Alongside food science, I’m highly interested in topics involving medicine and strength & conditioning. I’ve helped osteoarthritis patients implement exercise protocols and lifestyle changes at OSU, and have also worked as a medical assistant in an orthopedic specialty office.

Secretary: Nicole Straathof

  • Hometown: Washington Court House, OH
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 2nd year Masters
  • Research: Studying methods to increase formation of pyranoanthocyanins using caffeic acid and/or temperature while preventing loss of anthocyanins to stabilize natural colorant use in food.
  • Fun fact: I once biked across the country to promote affordable housing.

Treasurer: Terrence Dent

  • Hometown: Rohnert Park, CA
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 2nd year PhD
  • Research: Modification of plant (pulse) proteins for improved functionality and sensory properties
  • Fun fact: My family is from Dublin, Ireland and I’m an Irish citizen

CFAES Student Council Representative: Danica Berry

  • Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 2nd year Masters
  • Research: Danica is exploring potential differences in spicy flavor perception among various oral cavity areas and between cultural groups.
  • Fun fact: Danica was a gymnast for 7 years and can still do some flips & tricks!

Social Media: Abbie Sommer

  • Hometown: Carmel, IN
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 2nd year Masters
  • Research: Soy Functional Foods
  • Fun fact: Abbie has recently started running and has done 4 half marathons with one half and one full scheduled for this year!

Events Chair: Jenna Miller

  • Hometown: West Chester, OH
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 2nd year Masters
  • Research: My research aims to better understand how tomato and soy components impact our health, specifically through reducing inflammation and thus reducing risk for other chronic diseases. Carotenoids in tomatoes and isoflavones in soy are thought to be the bioactive components, so we are interested to see if they have any positive effects when consumed together. A tomato-soy juice was developed and is being used to test this hypothesis in a human clinical trial conducted at the USDA Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center. While the clinical trial is ongoing, I am also working on identifying potential urinary biomarkers of tomato consumption, to offer an alternative measure of tomato intake compared to the traditional more-invasive biomarker, plasma lycopene.
  • Fun fact: I have a twin brother

Events Chair: Nick Untch

  • Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio
  • Major: Exercise Science – Senior
  • Research: Co-vice president for the football club and a member of the Exercise is Medicine club
  • Fun fact: Love to play all types of sports like tennis, football, basketball, and volleyball

Podcast Chair: Mackenzie Hannum

  • Hometown: Worthington, Ohio
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 4th year PhD
  • Research: Research focuses on understanding panelist engagement in consumer and sensory evaluations
  • Fun fact: I once rode in a hot air balloon!

Past President: Haley Chatelaine

Advisors: Kelly Elisar (FST staff) and Dr. Annie Specht (ACEL faculty)