Executive Board

Executive Board

President: James Chung

  • Hometown: Milan, Michigan
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – Senior Undergraduate
  • Research: Studying relationships between socioeconomic status and food preferences with Dr. Simons
  • Fun fact: I have competed in three USA powerlifting competitions

Vice President: Danielle Voss

  • Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 2nd year Masters
  • Research: Research focus is on the thermal stability of anthocyanins and anthocyanin derived pigments as naturally derived food colorants.
  • Fun fact: I love baseball and listen to nearly every Milwaukee Brewer game on the radio

Secretary: Jordan Hartman (coming soon)

  • Hometown: 
  • Major: 
  • Research: 
  • Fun fact:

Treasurer: Terrence Dent

  • Hometown: Rohnert Park, CA
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 2nd year PhD
  • Research: Modification of plant (pulse) proteins for improved functionality and sensory properties
  • Fun fact: My family is from Dublin, Ireland and I’m an Irish citizen

CFAES Representative: Ellia La

  • Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
  • Major: Food Science and Technology – 3rd year PhD; minor in rural sociology
  • Research: My research is on photoisomerization of acylated anthocyanins—in other words, the effect of ligh on color expression of anthocyanins. Head over to the Giusti Lab website (https://u.osu.edu/giustilab/)for more info 😉
  • Fun fact: I toured around Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Budapest) with my symphony orchestra when I was 17. The mayor of Budapest was at my concert!

Events Chair: Peyton Greenwood

  • Hometown: Berkeley, IL
  • Major: Food Science, 1st year masters student in Dr. Klein’s lab
  • Research: Using NMR based metabolomics to identify patterns and biomarkers of microbial metabolism and to translate this information to the development of a rapid detection method for pathogens in food.
  • Fun fact: I am somewhat terrified of bees but, I have experience with and actually enjoy beekeeping

Past President: Jenna Fryer

Advisors: Kelly Elisar (FST staff) and Dr. Annie Specht (ACEL faculty)