About Us

Citation Needed was founded by students studying Food Science and Technology. Today, we are a group of students from multiple majors throughout the university. Our goal is to provide our members with opportunities to communicate and share their science. We prioritize correcting misinformation and learning effective communication techniques!

Is my food safe? What even are GMOs? Is gluten bad?

These are the types of topics that many of us encounter every day. Stop by one of our meetings to learn how to tackle modern dialogue on food, agriculture, science, and more! Refreshments will be provided!

Meeting structure

Each month we have meetings with different formats. You may find…

  • Invited speakers
  • Coffee hours
  • Social events
  • Communication activities
  • Documentary viewings

Every meeting is different and we are excited to see what you can bring to the conversation! Our meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month!

Thales of Miletus – Ancient Greek philosopher credited for being one of the first philosophers to break from the use of mythology when discussing the world and the universe and instead use theories and a hypothesis thus the forerunner of science.