Semester Review

This semester, I have learned a lot at school. I have grown a lot and learned to manage my times significantly better than I did in high school. Back home, it wasn’t really necessary for me to study in school, so balancing my extra curriculars and athletics wasn’t difficult. It’s a completely different story here, and initially it was very difficult for me to do these things while maintaining high grades. At this point in the semester I am very pleased with the fact that my grades have gone up. I also joined a club sports team which I am thrilled to still be a part of. It introduced me to a lot of people much older than me that I can learn from and receive helpful advice about the next few years. As a person, I have evolved quite a bit. At home, I struggled keeping my anxiety in line at times, but here at school I can manage my stress a lot more easily. Overall the semester has been successful, and I cannot wait to see what is to come.

Columbus Zoo Trip Artifact

On September 24th, a large group of us went to the Columbus Zoo to observe the animals. We has the chance to go behind the scenes in the manatee exhibit and even got to feed manatees. It was incredibly interesting and impressive to see all that goes on behind closed doors in one exhibit at the zoo. The amount of lettuce that the zoo must purchase just to sustain the manatees for a day is almost 300 heads. Seeing the equipment used to transport the manatees was also extremely interesting to see. Overall, the day was very educational, including looking at the other animal exhibits, and I am looking forward to attending more Scholars events.



Global Awareness: For this part of the GOALS, I am planning on hopefully becoming involved in the club Global Brigades, which would give me the opportunity to go to another country and help others, as well as expose me to different cultures of the world, thus enhancing my global awareness.

Original Inquiry: I plan on looking into research internships this summer in my hometown of Chicago. I have not unfortunately had any experience in research or anything pertaining to it, but if I do find something to do in the summer, this will assist me in my future plans for attending medical school.

Academic Enrichment: I plan to double major, which will help me stand out with a Spanish and Biology major. This will assist in my future goals of getting into a good medical school, and hopefully assist in getting a job as an ER surgeon someday. I also plan on taking classes which not only pertain to my major, but also my interests. Currently, I am in a Prehistoric and Medieval art history class, which I find to be greatly interesting. I could have chosen other classes to get my GE’s out of the way, however this is something that I have always found fascinating, and will most likely take more history courses in the future.

Leadership Development: I plan to get heavily involved with a few science related clubs here at OSU, and hopefully assume leadership positions within these clubs, in order to develop my leadership skills. At home, I teach volleyball lessons to younger students, which puts me in a position of leadership

Service Engagement: I volunteer at a food pantry in my hometown, as well as the nursing home near my old high school. I plan on using the scholars events which are given out monthly, to find a place to consistently volunteer, because this will look good on resumes.


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In high school, I was captain of the volleyball team. My volleyball team went to super sectionals, and placed fifth in the state. This experience was enriching  because it showed me how important it is to be a good leader, and showed me that cohesiveness and teamwork are important for success in life. Our team has a lot of individuals and faced tough competition, and in the end fell just a bit short, as we do in many things in life. In the end ultimately, we were all proud of how hard we worked together, and I was proud as a captain to see what we all could accomplish. I hope in the future someday this will help me if I am in a position of leadership in my career.

About Me


Hi everyone! My name is Gia Cinkay. I’m from Chicago, Illinois and I am a freshman double majoring in Biology and Spanish. As a learner, I consider myself a hands-on kind of person, who enjoys experiments, labs, etc. I love classes  involving science, history, and language. I’m hoping to go to medical school after my time here at The Ohio State University, although I’m not quite sure what kind of doctor I would like to be. In my free time, I play volleyball, sing, and hang out with my friends. It’s incredible to be experiencing college here in the city of Columbus.


Year in Review

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