About Me

Hi everyone. This is Chuwen Sun. I am a second-year student in OSU and I am from Changsha, Hunan, the southern part of China. My current major is Computer Science Engineering.

I  listen to music and watch tv shows to spend time. My favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar. But he is not that active with new music this year. Recently I listen to J. Cole a lot. Rap music helped my English speaking and vocabulary a lot. And with my English getting better and better, music gets better and better because I understand content and references in the song better. Tv show I am currently watching is called Kingdom. It is a Netflix Korean show talking about zombies story in ancient Korea. It is intriguing and fun to watch, but if you want to relax and watch something, I do not recommend this.

I have a part-time job in Curl market which is a food-market place close to my dorm. I usually work 12 hours or more each week. The working experience there is fun because every coworker is friendly to each other and trying to help each other all the time.

My favorite breakfast at home: Changsha rice noodle with soup

I am not a big fan of foods in the U.S. But I have to eat them for survive purpose. Foods in China are so good. I miss them.