Goals setting and plans making

Goals setting is not being treated and concentrated by students well enough. From what I realized, a lot of students just following what everybody else is doing in a certain class instead of making a plan or goal for themselves. That is why self-awareness is important in goals setting. I make a plan for myself before every week started and I have learned more and more about myself through this college career. I know I am a huge fan of procrastination so I always plan forward some hard tasks and break them into small pieces.

Importance of planning ahead for online classes

From my experience, online classes are usually set only one or two due dates for all the assignment for the whole week. That specific pattern did not make me suffer but my original action in my first online class is doing all work in that due date night. And that is a lot of work, so I had to lower the quality of some homework.

I had a successful experience in online classes last semester. I had a communication course and a food science class. I plan ahead the week for my food science class every weekend. But for the communication course which is a harder course in my opinion, and I usually do not have any other tasks in Wednesday night, so I put all the work of the communication class in that night. And it works fine. I got both courses graded A and learned a lot of interesting knowledge.

Technologies that help learning

Here are some technologies that help:

1 Google Doc

Google Doc is a great tool for paper writing for group work. It enables group members working on the same document online. And also, it shows who is editing which line, which made cooperating easier.

2 Apple pencil

Apple pencil is a very helpful product that works with another Apple’s product iPad. With iPad, students can take notes electronically and sort them by dates, courses and etc.