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My name is Qiuyu Chu and I was born in China. This is my first year at OSU. In my free time, I like to play some games with my friends, including computer games and board games. Watching animation is a good way for me to relax and there are many excellent animations, such as clannad, jojo, and Rick and Morty. I also like to play Rubik’s cube and I used to memorize a lot of formulas in order to improve my recover speed.


When I was young, because of my parents’ work, I went to several cities in my country, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, and Fuzhou. Therefore, I have different experiences in different places. Food in different places have different taste. In some places, people are preferring to eat sweet and they often put sugar when they cook. However, in the northern part of China, people tend to prefer salty food, and some restaurants even serve salt on the table. And the climate in different places have much differences. Although the winters in the north are colder, the winters in the south tend to be worse. Because the winters in the south aren’t that cold, there’s no heating for people to use, resulting the temperature inside is as cold as outside.


Now, I chose to go to the Ohio State University to study. The first reason is this university’s excellent education resources. Professors in this university are very conscientious and patient with their students. At the same time, the school provides students with a lot of academic resources, including the school’s laboratory, library and some commonly used apps. In addition, the sports, especially the football, in this university is good and OSU also provides a very large gym for students to use. And the climate in Columbus is similar to the city I live in, so I believe I can adapt to the environment well. In the university, I wish to learn more professional knowledge about the mathematics and other interesting subjects that can enrich my knowledge. For example, I want to learn how to analyze the database, how to create some apps and webs by writing codes and the history of the United States or even the world.

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  1. Hello, Qiuyu! My name is Kexuan Liu, I am so jealous that you went to so many places! I really love travelling, since I could visit so many beautiful landscapes and experience the lifestyle of local people. However, I didn’t have a chance to totally fit the lifestyle of local people because for some reasons I never have a chance to stay in one city for a very long time. I live in north of China, and hopefully I could have a chance to experience the worse winter in the south. 🙂

  2. Nice to see you, Qiuyu. I feel so glad to see that you also like Clanned and JOJO, choosing to watch animation as relaxing. I hope when we get to OSU campus, we could discuss them and play video games together. I am also interested in foods from different places. If you will, maybe we could try some dishes together.

  3. Hi,Qiuyu,
    Animation is my favoriate relax approach too, but the animation you mention I haven’t seen it. I will watch when I have time. From your description, you seem to be already in college, Because of the COVID-19, I did not choose to go to school in the fall. I hope you can keep your body healthy and learn what you want to learn.

  4. Hello Qiuyu. I come from Shanghai which is in the south of China. I totally agree with you about the weather in China. But I do not think people living in the south have no heating. The fact is that we do not prepared for protection from the cold as well as people in the north. Besides, I am also attracted by the abundant resources from OSU and I hope your campus will be pleasant.

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