Current Projects

(1) Posthuman Dignity (book project)

An IRB-approved, site-based study of contemporary care workers who collaborate with assistive technologies. I hope to construct a practice account of human dignity in the age of posthuman patienthood.

(2) Designing Inclusive Professional Writing Pedagogies (with Yanar Hashlamon)

An IRB-approved assessment of professional writing pedagogies that reports on the ways educators capitulate to capitalism in the writing classroom, especially through hyperpragmatist and ableist learning activities that fail to redress inequities caused by harmful market logics.

(3) Interrogating Hit-and-Run Rhetorical Criticism

Drawing on bibliometric data, this study examines the current state of rhetoric of health and medicine (RHM) scholarship. Specifically, I hope to better understand what makes some RHM scholarship more or less sustainable.

(4) New Directions in Rhetoric and Materiality (book series, Ohio State University Press)

Barbara Biesecker, Wendy Hesford, and I invite proposals for monographs or edited collections for our co-edited book series that explores the suasiveness of material-discursive phenomena and the social-symbolic labor circulating therein. Here is the call.

Recent Publications (see CV for full list of publications)

  • Teston, C., Gonzales, L., Bivens, K., & Whitney, K. (forthcoming). “Surveying precarious publics.” Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.
  • Teston, C., Previte, B., Hashlamon, Y. (2019). “The Grind of Multimodal Work in Professional Writing Pedagogies.” Computers and Composition.
  • Teston, C. (2018). “Pathologizing Precarity.” In W.S. Hesford, A.C. Licona and C. Teston (Eds.), Precarious Rhetorics (276-297). Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University Press.
  • Hesford, W.S., Licona, A.C., Teston, C. (2018). “Rhetorical Recalibrations and Response-abilities.” In W.S. Hesford, A.C. Licona and C. Teston (Eds.), Precarious Rhetorics (1-17). Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University Press.
  • Teston, C. (2017). Bodies in Flux: Scientific Methods for Negotiating Medical Uncertainty. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
  • Teston, C. (2017). “Enthymematic Elasticity in the Biomedical Backstage.” In L. Walsh and C. Boyle’s Persuasive Topologies: Equipment for a Post-Critical Rhetoric of Technoscience, Media, and Culture. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Teston, C. (2016). “Rhetoric, Precarity, and mHealth Technologies.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly.
  • Teston, C. (2016). “Rendering and Reifying Brain Sex Science.” In S. Barnett & C. Boyle (Eds.) Rhetoric, Through Everyday Things. University of Alabama Press.