Christa Teston's Bodies in Flux: Best Book in Technical and Scientific Communication

Teston, C. (2017). Bodies in Flux: Scientific Methods for Negotiating Medical Uncertainty. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

In Bodies in Flux: Scientific Methods for Negotiating Medical Uncertainty, I explore four backstage scientific methods for evincing disease: visualization, assessment, synthesis, and computation. Each case study describes medical and scientific practice as a kind of quixotic empiricism that involves human, nonhuman, and computational partnerships. I challenge the fetishization of certainty and make a case for an ethic of care that honors human fragility and bodily flux.


Precarious RhetoricsHesford, W.S., Licona, A.C., Teston, C. (2018). Precarious Rhetorics. Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University Press.

Precarious Rhetorics is the first work to bring precarity studies to the field of rhetoric and communication—and to couple it with new materialist frameworks—in order to unearth and analyze the material conditions and structuring logics of inequality.