Sprint Through an Hour Lecture in 30 Minutes or Less

With just 2 minutes of setup, you’ll be able to speed read through an hour lecture in 30 minutes or less. All you have to do is install Google Chrome and the Chrome extension, Sprint Reader. Recently, I’ve been using this setup to take an online course about science and cooking. The great thing about online courses is that there’s usually a transcript for each video lecture. Open the transcript, highlight the text, and right click to open Sprint Reader. Here’s my 2 minute video to illustrate the process. For reference, the average adult reads at 250-300 wpm; slide presentations are delivered at 100-125 wpm; and auctioneers speak at around 250 wpm. In this example I have Sprint Reader set at 450 words per minute. That’s Continue reading

Want to be a Prezi Rep at OSU?

Just found out about this great opportunity for students; read more about the Ambassador Program on Prezi’s website! If you haven’t heard of Prezi, it’s like Powerpoint on a whole lot of steroids. Here’s a video showing some of the nuts and bolts of the program.

About the Ambassador Program: You will be directly involved in Continue reading

All Your Blogs in One Place

Feedly logo on green background with a smartphone, next to a table, next to a laptop screen, all showing Feedly.Do you like to read a lot of blogs or news sites, but can’t keep track of them all? If you answered yes, then I recommend you try Feedly, a feed aggregator that syncs between your computer, phone and tablet. Keep up with your favorite section of the New York Times, tickle your brain with the latest xkcd comic, and catch the latest episode of Continue reading