Say It With Words; Say It With Cookies!

“So I was in [Digital Union] Stillman Hall today and a man came in with a box of cookies to give to us at the Digital Union . He said last year his autistic son had computer problems and David, a former staff member along with others helped him. His Son was so happy about it that he made these cookies and made his dad come all way over here to give them to us a year later. I’m proud to have such patient and hardworking coworkers (past and current). Keep up the hard work.”

The message in quotes above was written by Jessica Jones to fellow Digital Union student staff members. As manager of the Digital Union, I am always thrilled for the opportunities to give kudos to my student staff members for their good work, but once in a while, we get a completely heartwarming message from our own guests reminding us that we’ve really made someone’s day…or in this case, someone’s year! What a wonderful reminder from our guest that it’s never too late to show gratitude! Who have you been meaning to thank?

*The name in the card above has been censored for privacy.

See Open Parking Garages at OSU

This one’s to all my high rollin’ garage access commuters and visitors out there; features a real time report of garage capacity. No more garage hopping for you!

Horizontal bar chart showing the current capacity of OSU parking garages and which have keycard vs visitor access.

And for all my fellow WA pass holders, did you know that a west campus (Remote) visitor parking pass is only $10/month, with pretty much all the same parking parameters except refund option and payroll deduction? Go to the visitor page and scroll all the way down to the bottom right for Surface Lot Visitor Permits. Anyone can get one; it’s good for WA/WB/WC during the day, then all spots after 4:00pm. No Garage. Hooray for saving nearly $90/year, right? Contact Campusparc for details.