Tech Tools to Work Smarter

Here are slides to a talk I gave earlier this year at the OSU Administrative Professionals Conference. Tons of recommendations for tools I use in order to cut wayyy down on email, make meetings more efficient, and manage people/projects. Some are OSU supported, and some are not.

*Note: each slide w/ an asterisk is stating the tools I’m about to introduce that accomplish that goal. Each simple slide (black background with large white text) is the particular tool being recommended, so subsequent slides are describing features and ways I use that tool. Although I’ve embedded the presentation into this post, I recommend you flip through the slides here, from Haiku Deck’s website so you can see the presentation notes for context.

Undergrad Job Opp at Digital Union

Three student workers at Digital Union Denney Hall video recording studio. Students are shown smoothing out the backdrop and using various camera equipment.

In case you haven’t heard, Digital Union Enarson and Digital Union Denney are grand opening in September, and we’ll need lots of bright new student staff to welcome students, staff, and faculty to the new spaces! Details can be found at Multiple positions are available immediately, so please share with any tech savvy students or student groups you know!

Why Use U.OSU?

closely cropped Image of OSU seal with the words "What is U.osu?" superimposed over imageFor me, U.osu has been nothing short of empowering. Whatever your job is, I’d be willing to bet it probably involves organizing information in some way. Do you have to evaluate proposals? Collaboratively review information and provide feedback? Provide your team with updates? Have a central repository for documents, photos, information, or links? Outline processes, policies, procedures, or instructions? Delegate tasks to a team? Share updates and provide access to departmental forms? Continue reading

Super Secret U.osu Workshop Friday

u.osu and slogan: what will you use it for?Friday June 20, I’m teaching my first (test)run of a new workshop on using U.osu, NOT just for blogging like on this page you’re reading, but as a tool for staff management and many possible other things! It’s an hour session during which I ambitiously hope to send participants away with a basic working navigation to build upon when you get back to your office. The version I teach Continue reading

Learn Photoshop Fast

Image open in Photoshop window. Image is of a mature couple laughing and holding each other at a beach with white sands fading into green water and sunny blue sky.Photoshop CS6 Essential Training is one of many complete video tutorial courses offered on Need Photoshop Creative Cloud training? That’s offered now too! You can access the tutorials for free one of three ways, then choose to watch only the videos that apply to you. No more hunting around on Youtube to find out exactly how to do what you need. All the Continue reading

Techy Student Job Opp

Bob Eckhart holding two cats in what looks to be his home.Calling all OSU student job seekers! How could you not want to work for THIS guy?! Nerds rejoice, you’ll have a techy job and a boss who shares your unconditional love of cats! Frivolities aside, I am posting this job opportunity on behalf of my colleague in the English department, Bob Eckhart. His bio page is available online, and the job posting is as follows…

A new distance learning project on campus is looking to recruit a student who could help manage issues arising from a digital/distance-learning project. Primarily the student will need to help with: Continue reading

OMG Free Textbooks!

Stack of print textbooks from openstaxOpenstax offers free, peer reviewed, high quality college level textbooks. This project is still relatively new, so they’re tackling the highest priority subjects first, as in the largest attended courses with the highest priced textbooks. For free, you can access all the books via web, ePub or printable PDF. For a bargain, you can buy the $4.99 eBook for iPad, or purchase a print copy, as seen here for anywhere between $25-$55 depending on the size of the book. Of course this is only helpful if you can find books relevant for your course, so here’s what you can do… Continue reading

Map Your Mind With SimpleMind

I just downloaded SimpleMind, a free mind mapping tool for quickly creating branched diagrams useful for laying out your thoughts in a more dynamic way than the traditional tabbed outline allows.

Screenshot of mind map of dad's wifi project

Use it to easily create a diagram of anything with multiple levels of association, such as jotting down and organizing the points to hit when writing about a complex topic, laying out the structure of a website, or in my case, mapping out the “project” of setting up wifi for my dad. He lives a couple hours away, so unless I want to be stuck giving tech support on the phone across English and Cantonese, I better get it right the first time!  Continue reading