3D Printing for OSU Coming Soon!

The Digital Union is getting ready to launch a pilot that will make 3d printing available to all current faculty, staff, and students for free! We’re currently working out all the nitty gritty details such as policies, procedures, maintenance, and software. I can’t tell you too much yet, but stay tuned. Here’s a 3d vase we just printed to test out one our brand new MakerBots!

Gray 3d printed vase; very angular. In the background is a word mark on the wall that reads Digital Union, Enarson Classrooms Building.

And as if life couldn’t get any better, I just found that Lynda.com offers seven different courses on 3d printing, so take advantage of your free access to these online tutorials, and we’ll see you in the lab.


$100 Video Studio for ESL

Panoramic photo of the studio; beige patterned carpet; blue movers blankets hung on the walls; a desk, chair, and tripod on the left; a green screen backdrop covers the entire right wall.

Earlier this week, I wrote about Digital Union’s upcoming studio in Denney Hall. It turns out great departments think alike, because ESL just built a super low key, low budget version for their own use. Here’s my Q&A with ESL colleague, Chris Hill.

How will the studio be used?

Chris: Many courses in the American Language Program (pre-admission ESL) and most courses in the ESL Composition Program (post-admission ESL) have been flipped, which means we’ve been creating a lot of materials for students to access online.  Continue reading

Free OSU Stock Photos

Orton Hall tower against a dramatic, purple twilight sky. Crescent moon in the background.OSU Communications’ website provides a great selection of photos we can download and use for free for our daily work. I use a lot of the images to breath life into my presentations, flyers, videos, and internal staff site. Click through the gallery to see if you can find what you need, or even submit your own photos! Tip: Once you click on a gallery, scroll down; the images load underneath the list of galleries.

University Communications’ signature gallery offers Ohio State photos for university use. Continue reading

Techy Student Job Opp

Bob Eckhart holding two cats in what looks to be his home.Calling all OSU student job seekers! How could you not want to work for THIS guy?! Nerds rejoice, you’ll have a techy job and a boss who shares your unconditional love of cats! Frivolities aside, I am posting this job opportunity on behalf of my colleague in the English department, Bob Eckhart. His bio page is available online, and the job posting is as follows…

A new distance learning project on campus is looking to recruit a student who could help manage issues arising from a digital/distance-learning project. Primarily the student will need to help with: Continue reading

Get a $30 Bike This Wednesday April 9!

Picture of bike with bright red handlebar tape.

My new baby, with freshly wrapped handlebars. Is there ANYTHING YouTube can’t teach me? Click to see the tutorial I used.

I just started riding to work last year, and it’s turning into one of my new favorite things. The only reason I didn’t start biking sooner was because I didn’t want to spend on a bike if it turned out I might not like riding…but getting a bike worth riding meant I’d have to spend more than I was comfortable risking. Finally, I serendipitously got a free bike from a neighbor. Nothing special, just a Walmart mountain bike that was too small for me, and had big knobby tires Continue reading

$1000 for 2 Minutes of Why You Love OSU

Enter your short film for your chance to win $1000 cash, an annual pass to the Gateway Film Center, and two season tickets to the OSU Men's Football home games! See rules of entry and submissions guidelines above.For a chance to win $1000, submit a 2 minute video of why you love OSU to the Buckeye Film Festival now being hosted by the Gateway Film Center. You have until March 10. Go!

If you’ve never made a video before and need help, come on over to the Digital Union. We can help you figure out how to use your camera, even if it’s just the one on your phone. We can also help you get the footage onto a computer to cut together your shots, record a voiceover, add titles and transitions, and anything else keeping you from that $1000 prize. See you on the big screen!

Lyft is the Air BnB of Taxis

Yesterday, I saw a car w/ a giant, fluffy, pink mustache, and thought it was just our friendly neighborhood hipster on his way to score another pair of second hand skinny jeans. Turns out this is a new thing called Lyft; think of it as the Air BnB of taxis.

According to Lyft’s website, it’s “like having a friend with a car whenever you need one. Simply download Continue reading

See Ira Glass Sunday 3/2/14!

Printed flyer with a photo of Ira Glass, advertising the event at Ohio Union this SundayFans of This American Life rejoice! Ira Glass is speaking at the Ohio Union this Sunday March 2, 2014. Tickets are free; one per BuckID from the Ohio Union. The OUAB website indicates this is a student event, but my colleague just confirmed that staff can now get tickets too!

New to the show? Dive in and listen now! This live stream option plays through the 18-year archive of episodes.

Women in Technology March 13, 2014

A photo of fresh vegetables juxtaposed next to a photo of a videoconference roomI recently joined Women in Technology a.k.a. Witnet, a grass-roots group made up of women who work in a variety of technology-related jobs throughout the university community. The group meets once every two months, and I was granted the honor to organize the next couple of meetings! Taking advantage of my role as Continue reading