Compress Video Before Upload

Once you’ve finished editing your video, you’ll likely export it as a high quality mov, avi, or mp4 file ready to share with the world. It’s done and it’s beautiful, but the file size is HUGE or perhaps you need to have it specifically in mp4 format. Never fear, MPEG Streamclip is here!

This free program does a great job of converting your mov or avi file into an mp4, which makes it compatible with just about any software such as Powerpoint or streaming service such as YouTube. Even if the file is already an mp4, MPEG Streamclip can reduce the file size, making it faster to upload, stream, and share.

Follow the steps above. After a few minutes, your new mp4 will be saved to your desktop with a drastically smaller file size than the the original video. This version can now be posted to YouTube, uploaded to Mediasite, or wherever you choose to stream or host it. My personal preference is to post on YouTube, for its easy built-in captioning tool and seamless streaming and sharing functionality. Although many people are intimidated by captioning, it’s actually pretty easy and is in fact required by¬†OSU’s accessibility policy.