Hello, I’m Queenie

Headshot of Queenie Chow with OSU Block O logo top rightI started writing on this blog in October because I had a few useful tips to offer. In less than a year, I’ve amassed over 7,500 views from over 5,000 unique viewers, so I thought you might actually want to know a little bit about what I do here at OSU and why anything I say even matters. Behold…an About page! Ok, that’s all for now. Stay tuned, as I’ve been super busy hiring, training, and prepping for the two new Digital Union locations.

Promo events go on through the end of this week, so stop by for a tour and a cupcake! Forget about the state of the art recording studio, free unlimited use of the entire Adobe Master Suite, private videoconference meeting rooms, one-button video recording studio, and staff to help you accomplish it all…it’s all about the cupcakes.

Sweets on trays. Chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and red and gray sprinkles; assorted cookies in the background.

And buttercream frosting.

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