Make a Video Available to Your Class

Computer generated graphics of lego movie characters fleeing from an explotion in the background.Have a video on disc or tape  you need to make available to your class? Unless you made, and therefore own the copyright to that video, you’ll want to go through a service offered by the Office of Distance Education & eLearning called Secured Media Library. According to the website:

The Secured Media Library offers authenticated access to copyright restricted titles and contains an extensive collection of titles for instructional use.  This repository allows instructors to create playlists of selected titles to assign for student viewing outside of the classroom or to show in the classroom. Our team can assist faculty in making personally owned titles available on a temporary basis and investigate titles for permanent addition.

Whether you have a DVD, VHS, or Blu-ray to upload and make available, the Secured Media Library team should be your first stop. No digital formats; you’ll have to provide a copy of the physical, purchased media. Call or email for a consultation. Because you totally want to be that epically memorable instructor who somehow successfully integrated relevant excerpts of the Lego Movie into every lesson. Every single one.

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