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Image open in Photoshop window. Image is of a mature couple laughing and holding each other at a beach with white sands fading into green water and sunny blue sky.Photoshop CS6 Essential Training is one of many complete video tutorial courses offered on Lynda.com. Need Photoshop Creative Cloud training? That’s offered now too! You can access the tutorials for free one of three ways, then choose to watch only the videos that apply to you. No more hunting around on Youtube to find out exactly how to do what you need. All the videos on Lynda.com are concise, well named, and well organized into a logical lesson plan. Lynda.com also provides all the exercise files shown in the videos so viewers can follow along in step with the tutorial.

Screenshot showing Exercise Files download button beneath the title of the video tutorial set.

If you just need a quick overview, you can even watch the videos in hyperspeed or skim through the text transcript. This is an amazing resource for self-guided, self-paced training, and in some cases, even troubleshooting. If you have specific Photoshop questions you can work on your project at one of the Digital Union labs where staff are available to assist.

On a side note, my spidey sesnses are warning me the grammar police are busting out handcuffs for this article title’s adverb violation. Oh how quickly you judge…

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