Record Your Lecture with Mediasite

Video camera set up in the back of a lecture hall, recording the lecture.Mediasite is OSU’s free, supported lecture capture solution. It allows you to easily make a video of your lecture, including the content on your computer screen, as well as video of yourself lecturing. There are two flavors of Mediasite: the Desktop Recorder is free software you can download to use from your computer. The Hardware Recorder, installed in large classrooms around campus, will automatically record your lecture by request. Here are three ways you can record your lecture with Mediasite.

  • In a Classroom
    Thirteen of the largest classrooms on campus have been equipped with the Mediasite Hardware Recorder. First, review the list of Mediasite-ready rooms. Then, contact the Registrar to schedule one of those rooms. Lastly, submit a request for your session to be recorded. Your lecture will automatically be recorded, and the video uploaded to Mediasite servers. You will receive a URL to share with your students.
  • In your Office
    Follow these instructions to download and use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder. You will have to have a webcam and/or microphone forĀ  your computer if you want your face and/or voice to appear on the recording.
  • At the Digital Union
    Reserve a time to use the Whisper Room recording studio in Digital Union Prior Hall, where the Mediasite Desktop Recorder is already installed. This sound insulated studio ensures your recording will be free from audio distractions you might encounter in your usual office space. A high quality microphone and built-in webcam come standard in the room. Digital Union staff are available to assist with setup and tutorials you find through the ODEE Resource Center. Email if you wish to set up an appointment for more in depth support.

The best way to get familiar with Mediasite is to download the Desktop Recorder and play around a bit. Click all the buttons! You won’t break anything. If you get stuck, here are ways to get support.

Join the Mediasite Lecture Capture group on Yammer to receive the most timely updates, start a discussion, and make suggestions about the service.

If you don’t want your lecture uploaded to OSU’s Mediasite servers, you can easily make a screen recording using Quicktime on Mac, then post/host the video wherever your heart desires.

2 thoughts on “Record Your Lecture with Mediasite

  1. First of all – love your posts. I’ve learned so much from your posts!

    I have a group that wants to record (audio only, as far as I know) some presentations and then put them on their SharePoint site. What do you suggest using to do the recording? Will probably be in a conf. room in Starling Loving.

    thanks so much!

    • Thanks, glad to be able to help! If you’re on a Mac, you can use Quicktime Player or Garageband to record audio. Both programs come standard on Mac, so you don’t have to install anything extra. If you’re on Windows, you can download and install Audacity for free. You’ll want to install a free plugin called Lame if you need to export the file as mp3 rather than wav. The process is pretty simple, and is something your department’s local tech person could easily help you with if you ask nicely…or bake cookies. The bribery always works.

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