Bike & Breakfast with our Mayor

And no I’m not talking Foursquare-mayor! Click the pic for details.Screen shot of bike to work columbus webpage, featuring a photo of mayor Coleman, a red banner w/ the skyline of columbus, and the following text. Join Bike to Work Day, on Friday, May 16 rain or shine by riding into downtown along one of seven pre-planned routes described below and mapped here  (open using Chrome). Each group ride will end at Columbus Commons for breakfast, awards, booths, and networking at 8:00AM. Mayor Michael B. Coleman will ride with the group that has the most committed riders. Registration is now open.Sign up for the route meeting at Third & Hollywood if you want to go with my group. Otherwise, take whichever route is most convenient for you, and I’ll see you at the Commons! 

I just started biking a little over a year ago, and it’s amazing! You get all the health benefits from the workout, the self-pedaled feeling of accomplishment when you get somewhere, and never waste time hunting for parking. Even though this isn’t a solution for everyone, all this awareness and momentum for bike commuting in the past couple of years makes things safer for drivers and cyclists alike. Check out our city’s bike laws online.

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