My Favorite Healthy Desk Snacks

Green zip top bag of roasted low sea salt whole almondsNo disappointing vending machine runs for you! Save your time, save your health, and save your wallet by stocking up on healthy snacks to keep at the office. Here are 3 of my favorites to keep at the office.

Roasted low sea salt whole almonds
My very own bag pictured here, you can usually find this big green zip-top pouch on a shelf somewhere in the Giant Eagle produce section. They’re tasty, crunchy, toasty, and have mystical powers to control appetite. These are also great tossed into a salad with leafy greens, apple slices, and a touch of balsamic.

Dried Cranberries
They go great with almonds, so you can make your own simple trail mix! I don’t like to premix them unless I know I’ll eat it in the next couple days. Too much of the salt from the almonds sticks to the cranberries and the moisture from the cranberries makes the almonds go stale. You can even keep some dark chocolate chips (WebMD lists this as a healthy snack!) around to add to your improv trail mix! Also usually in a bag on a shelf in the produce section.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cliff BarCrunchy Peanut Butter Cliff Bar
This is not a low fat or low sugar food; notice it’s not on the WebMD list¬†of healthy snacks. Not what I would consider a snack food. I keep these around as an emergency meal replacement that happens to be, flavorful, nutritious, filling, and ultra portable. If my schedule is too tight to take a lunch, I can easily eat one of these on my way to the next meeting, to the gym (yea right…), or to play sand volleyball at Beekman Park! And they go GREAT with an apple. Not all flavors of Cliff Bar are equal; check the nutrition facts and you’ll see that this is one of the lowest sugar flavors (could use even less sugar in my opinion; it’s still unnecessarily sweet). You can usually get these on special at your local grocery store for close to $1 each.

If you’re wondering about which foods are healthier, there’s a little known functionality of Google that lets you compare common foods. Simply type something to the effect of compare raisins to dried cranberries, and you’ll get nutrition specs listed side by side.

A comparison chart with information in columns: raisins on left, dried cranberries on right.

What are your favorite on the go snacks? Comment below!

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Healthy Desk Snacks

  1. Phooey. I couldn’t get the Google comparison tool to work; I just got the standard Google results. However, I do have another snack choice for you: Special K Protein Cranberry Walnut meal bar. Love those things. 170 calories, 4.5 g fat and a whopping 10 g protein.

    • I’ve noticed the tool only works for very common staple foods, and not really meant for in depth brand comparisons for instance. Thanks for the Special K recommendation, I’ll add it to my list for next grocery run!

  2. Thanks for these great tips, Queenie. I like to slice up a green or red pepper and bring in a few slices at a time.

    • KIND granola is delicious too! I keep a Tupperware bowl of granola in my desk for those morning munchie emergencies!

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