Where to Print Denman Posters

Birds' eye view of the Denman Conference. Many rows of posters, with people presenting and viewing.With just 18 days until the¬†Denman Undergraduate Research Forum on March 26, 2014, I hope you’ve got your poster done! No? Well, come on over to the Digital Union so you can get that out of the way.

Create Your Poster
Get help with your current poster or make a new one from scratch at one of three Digital Union labs. We have fast computers with large monitors and staff to help you with the graphic design programs we have installed, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I know a lot of people use Powerpoint to make posters, and although that’s not really the best tool for the job, the Digital Union has it installed and can help with that too.

Before you come in, take a look at this guide from Cornell University on Scientific Poster Design, then make a simple sketch of your poster layout. Like showing your barber a photo of the haircut you want, it’ll be a lot faster for you to communicate your idea to staff with a visual than with words alone…and a lot faster for staff to be able to help you finish your poster!

Print Your Poster
There are several Poster Printing Locations at OSU.¬†Between locations, you’ll find differences in price, forms of payment accepted, whether you can get help designing your poster, and types of media available. Make sure you have plenty of money loaded onto your BuckID; that’s the only form of payment accepted at some places. Remember, this is a very large print, so just one poster can take half an hour. If there are even three people ahead of you, that’s 2 hours before you’re out. Because hundreds of your fellow students are working toward the same deadline, it’s best to spread yourselves out amongst the different locations depending on your needs. Divide and conquer.

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