Poster Printing Locations at OSU

My top 3 tips for you before you start: know your options and locations, get a fresh set of eyes on your work before sending it to print, and carry multiple payment methods.

Large Format Printer

Large format printers capable of cranking out poster sized prints are often referred to as plotters. Students, faculty, and staff can print posters at a handful of locations around campus for way less than commercial print shops charge, so check out the locations below before you go rushing off to Kinkos on High. But before we go into the where, here are some important things to consider…

Get your poster printed at least one week before it’s due. All of the following factors may cost you time, particularly if you are part of a larger group of people with a common deadline (e.g. a class project, Denman Forum, etc.):

  • One poster can take up to 30 minutes to print, depending on the size and amount of graphics involved.
  • Do the math; if there are only 3 people printing ahead of you, that’s already an hour and a half before yours even starts printing!
  • The printer at a particular location may be malfunctioning; this seems to happen with plotters more frequently than with standard office printers.
  • The printer at a particular location may be out of ink or paper; it takes time to reorder, so have a backup location in mind in case your first or even second choice location is unavailable.
  • Prices and other information may change without my knowledge. Call each location to confirm details that are important for your project.

Poster Printing Locations at OSU

Digital Union Stillman Hall (Room 145) | (614) 292-2794

  • Assistance available for poster creation
  • Computers available for guest use w/ Illustrator, Photoshop, Powerpoint, and Acrobat Pro
  • PDF preferred for sending to printer
  • Max dimensions 36″ x 48”
  • Approximately $0.80 per square foot on 20lb bond paper
  • Payment: BuckID Only

Ohio Union Resource Room (2nd floor) | (614) 292-8763

  • Self-service; bring the ready-to-print file. PDF preferred. Help not available for poster creation
  • Max dimensions 24″x31″ for $15
  • $2.88 per square foot
  • Plain paper
  • Payment: BuckID | Members of student orgs can direct cost to their club budget

Uniprint at Ohio Union (1st floor) | (614) 292-2219

  • Full service counter; bring the ready-to-print file. PDF preferred
  • Max dimensions 44″ x ∞” (paper is spool fed so only the width is fixed)
  • $3 per square foot on glossy photo paper
  • Advanced print options available, such as printing directly on foamcore
  • Payment: BuckID | Credit | Cash | eRequest

Thompson Library (Room 160) | (614) 247-4577

  • Self service; bring the ready-to-print file. PDF preferred. Help not available for poster creation
  • Computers have Microsoft Publisher, and PowerPoint for poster creation. Acrobrat Pro available; no other Adobe programs
  • Max dimensions 36″ x 48″ for $9.25, print time 30min
  • Smaller fixed dimensions available (inches)
    • 12 x 18 for $1.60
    • 17 x 22 for $2
    • 18 x 24 for $2.35
    • 22 x 26 for $3
    • 22 x 34 for $4
    • 24 x 36 for $4.60
    • 34 x 44 for $8.20
    • 36″ x 48″ for $9.25
  • $2 per square foot on 20lb bond paper
  • Payment: BuckID

Health Sciences Library Medical Visuals (Suite 410) | (614) 292-8034

  • Design consultation, online upload, and various payment options available
  • Additional information available here

Uniprint Main Office | (614) 292-2000

  • Full service large format printing on a variety of materials including paper, foam core, gatorboard, vinyl, and plastic
  • Call or email for more information
  • $2 per square foot pricing for 20lb bond paper – available upon request

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*This article last updated on 3/16/17.