G.O.A.L.S. (End of second year)

I have done some things during my time in college that have developed Global Awareness. For one, I have travelled the world, visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Lebanon, Canada, and several US states during my stay at OSU. I have also taken several classes that focus on Global Awareness. My most favorite of which is Arabic 2702H, which details the history of female Arab authors and Arabic culture in general. Lastly, I am currently the Outreach Chair for the Organization of Arab Students, in which I am constantly reminded of the beautiful Arabic culture.

I have had two major experiences that have helped me understand the research process. First, I worked at the Biological Research Tower as a student research assistant, where I was responsible for aiding in lab animal experiments and sanitization of rooms/equipment. Further, I am currently a student surgery assistant in Wiseman Hall. There, I work with a team that helps different PI’s prepare animals for surgery.

My Honors Contract demonstrates my commitment to Academic Enrichment. I have made sure to schedule only the most challenging GE’s and major courses. The courses I have chosen to take are a representation of my future aspirations. For example, I have completed all pre-med courses (biology, chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and calculus) in the hopes of going to medical school someday. Additionally, I have chosen my major (Neuroscience) because one of my main interests is in the chemical basis behind behavior. With that being said, I have chosen major courses that either relate or focus directly on this topic.

I am proud to say that during my first two years at OSU, I have involved myself in several co-curricular activities that have allowed me to cultivate leadership skills and competencies. First, my job at Wiseman Hall has turned me into a leader in which I help train new students to fulfill the role of surgery assistant. Second, I have involved myself with the Organization of Arab Students, in which I have been serving as Outreach Chair for some time. Third, I have been elected Vice President of Academic Success in the Organic Mechanisms Club, where I have been able to tutor my peers in organic chemistry. Last but not least, I am a blood services intern with The American Red Cross. This duty requires me to be a leader and take initiative to help put blood drives together.

I have been and am currently involved with several service-oriented activities. In the past, I volunteered as an assistant teacher for young, underprivileged children. Additionally, I spent one summer as a volunteer at Mount Carmel West Hospital, where I spent time at the front desk answering inquiries and taking patients/family members to various rooms around the hospital. Currently, I am volunteering weekly at the Zangmeister Cancer Center. There, I offer drinks, snacks, books, and puzzles to patients either receiving infusions or in the waiting area. Last but not least, I am a blood services intern with the American Red Cross. This role is the most demanding compared to other volunteer roles I have had: It requires 10-15 hours a week in order to be a successful intern with successful blood drives.



I plan to work toward the goal of Global Awareness in a variety of ways. First, I am planning on joining the Lebanese Club in order to expand my knowledge on my parents’ culture. Additionally, study abroad programs may help me get educated on diversity and life outside the United States. With this being said, it is my goal to cultivate and develop an appreciation for diversity in our world.

I will work toward the goal of Original Inquiry by researching my favorite topic, Crohn’s Disease. After being diagnosed with this condition in 2013, I have made it my goal to help others who struggle with this daily. I have already emailed a medical dietitian in the hopes of getting involved in her IBD studies. Hopefully, research will help me understand my disease more.

To become involved in the Academic Enrichment goal, I understand that I must pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular involvement both in and out of the classroom. That being said, I believe that my past will propel my future. Over my four-year high school education, I have taken and successfully performed in 16 accelerated/advanced courses. It is important to note that I do not challenge myself for the sole reason of seeking academic success. I challenge myself because I am thoroughly curious at heart. I plan to continue satisfying my curiosity as a Buckeye, both in the classroom and during contextualized learning such as an internship opportunity. I chose to be a neuroscience major in order to deepen my knowledge about behavior and human psychology.

To become involved in the Leadership Development goal, I will display leadership qualities in several areas including inside the classroom, in the community, and in potential future roles. My past experience as the student body treasurer and class representative serves as the perfect gateway into college leadership opportunities. Being a leader consists of several intangible qualities that are developed and cultivated over time. I want to expand my leadership skills further by involving myself in student government at Ohio State as well as simply helping out fellow students if they are seeking guidance.

Finally, being involved in the Service Engagement goal means that I must commit myself to serving others and the community. My experiences as a past assistant teacher and a current internal medicine volunteer guarantee that I will continue following the path of service. I am motivated to partake in service opportunities that are available either through the University Honors Program or other departments on campus. In addition, I plan on volunteering as much as I can in the field of medicine. In my opinion, medicine in and of itself is the highest form of service. It is my passion to assist the community by improving and sustaining individual health.


This artifact is very important to me for a variety of reasons. I am a philosophical and curious person who constantly ruminates over existential questions. Shortly after enrolling in Honors Philosophy 1100, I have had access to just the type of books I’ve been looking for! Our first book, Plato’s Meno, intrigued me in that it discussed the nature of virtue and how virtue cannot be taught, only “recollected” using the power of the soul.

Plato’s Meno- Philosophy class

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