Prayer List

This page is dedicated to naming people who I have met while on this trip. I will post a small description behind the name as to why or how I will be praying for them. If you feel called, please join me in praying for them.

– Orientation leader at UIC, very open to discussing Spirituality but doesn’t know if there is a God.
– Graduate student who grew up Christian but isn’t practicing. Prayers that he opens up to talking and exploring his faith more.
– Professor at campus, grew up in Palestine and loves to travel. Sees God in nature wherever he goes.
– Student transferring to OSU this fall, prayers that he can delve deeper into his faith to really figure out what he believes.
– Student who grew up Catholic, then fell in love with science. He fell away from his faith due to beliefs that science disproves the bible.
– Elderly man who talked with me at work about Christ and showed me some of the music he likes to listen to.
– Graduate student at UIC who knows of several different religions and has blurred them all out until he sees that the only thing that matters is Karma, and being good to each other.
– Homeless man that came up to me during my quiet time and talked to me about God and I got to share some of 1 Peter with him from what we are learning in Action Group (Bible Study)
Dula, Adula, and Saul
– Students from Saudi Arabia who were visiting Chicago. They live in Indiana.
– Man we got to talk to in Millennium Park. He perceives this life as hell, and said he is just trying to survive as long as he can. Sees daily the evils in Chicago and this world.
– Student we talked to who didn’t grow up in a religious home. He has friends who are a Christian but never really knew what the Gospel was. We got to share it with him and hopefully God will work through that to bring Nigel closer to Himself.
– Student who I shared the Gospel with who is considering Christianity. Currently 7th Day Adventist. I hope to get to hang out with him and that he will join us for The Break Room sometime.
– Student who I shared the Gospel with. He is currently a Catholic and grew up in a strong Catholic family, so it was really cool how to hear how he has a big role helping along his younger brother in his own faith. I pray he continues to walk and seek out the Lord.
– Student who comes and plays soccer with us on Saturdays. I pray he finds community with us and that we get to see him and share this summer with him.
– One of the guys at my work who comes to play soccer with us and hang out with us. He walks with Jesus currently and is involved in a youth group during the summer.
– She lives here at the Dwight with us and is involved in Cru back at Miami University. I pray she finds community with us and enjoys her time and her internship here in Chicago this summer.
– Student from Jerusalem who is living here at the Dwight with us. I pray he has a great summer here and that we get to interact with him while he is here at the lofts.
– Student we got to talk to for about 10 minutes on campus. She is really busy and is stressing about sleep and all her activities such as the basketball team at UIC. Prayers for her to not become overwhelmed.
OUR NEW FRIEND! Talked with her on campus and she fell away from her faith this past year but was super up for talking to us and re-connecting in the coming weeks. Prayers she finds peace to reach out to her old church family and that she joins us to hang out at the Break Room and on campus more.
– Student we met who grew up Christian but realized some of the core beliefs didn’t match up. He started over from scratch and read the whole Bible trying to form what he believes. He is very logical and makes sure everything lines up with his other ideas. Prayers that he continues to struggle and figure out what he believes and to grow closer to understanding who God is through his battle.
– Grad student from India who we got to talk to during his break along with Sharesh (below). He was very friendly and he views God as a light. Both he and Sharesh have struggled with their faith since coming to the US because they can figure out what they believe for themselves.
– Also very friendly and open to talking with us about his views. Didn’t have a long time to talk to them but this was the first group of more than one person that we approached to share with. It was cool seeing how they interacted with each other while they were going through Soularium. They learned new things about each other too.
– Security guard we talked to on the way back from Campus. Was really excited to hear what we are doing in Chicago and gave us some great encouragement and advice for going forward. He usually works Wednesdays and Thursdays so maybe we will get the chance to see him again!
– Co-worker at Chick-fil-a with me who had a rough week and opened up to me about it. He said he is fighting demons and couldn’t hold a positive outlook on life. I asked to pray over him at work and he let me. It was a really cool experience to pray for him. I can’t wait to work again with him.
– Student at UIC who has struggled the past couple years and has felt as though God has abandoned her through these events. She grew up Christian but would now identify as Atheist since she has moved north for college. We got her contact info and hope to follow up and continue talking with her as she had to leave for an exam.
– Met him on campus, he is actually visiting from India for a couple weeks for his cousin’s wedding. He was on campus visiting a friend and was super open to talking to us about his life and what he believes. He let us share the Gospel with him and then we continued to just talk and get to know him. We became friends on Facebook as he really wanted to stay in contact with us when he leaves to go back to India.
Tim and Asad
– Met them on campus; my partner for the day (also named Tim) knew Tim and so when we came up to them they were very quick to include us in their activities. Tim was solving the Rubic’s Cube and trying new ways to do it. He did it in front of us and finished it two-handed in 25 seconds and one-handed in 49 seconds. It was really cool. Not really a spiritual conversation but hopefully gave them another positive interaction with Christians.
– Graduate student we met at UIC. He was actually involved in Cru when he was in undergrad but since then fell away and focuses more on his career and trying to find a job in Chicago. Pray that he turns back to God and continues to seek him first.
– Met him while he was working in the snack express shop at UIC. Wasn’t a spiritual conversation but specifically wanted to talk to him to get to know him.
– Christian at UIC who is interested in getting involved in Cru there. Has had a hard time getting to church and finding a loving community to get involved with. Hoping he will check out Cru and maybe get closer to God as he enters his first year of college.
Bryan and Rose
– Couple who we talked to at Lollapalooza. Bryan was interested in what Spiritual questions we had and didnt really grow up in a faith. He just believes in making the world a better place. Rose grew up in a religious home and goes to Loyola University in Chicago which is a Catholic university. She knows the Gospel but is hasn’t had an impact on her life.
– Guy who almost picked a fight with my roommate and I while walking back from work. He was mad at us for walking too closely behind him but as soon as we apologized he felt bad about yelling at us and told him he jjust had a rough day and he was sorry for yelling at us. About 10 minutes later Ryan and I got him talking about his faith in God and found out hes a Christian! So we talked to him and got to know him a bit before he had to be on his way. Such a cool interaction and really nice to see how God can work in mysterious ways.
– Student from UIC who took part in the water bottle outreach we had. He walked by us as we were yelling out free water and then realized after going about 20 yards what we said, turned around and walked back to us. We started doing solarium with him and found out hes a Christian and sometimes goes to church and knows the Gospel but has a hard time serving God and making time for Him. Wants to learn more about Cru on campus and potentially get involved.
– Also a student we talked to at the water bottle outreach. He and one of the girls on the mission named Rachel were talking and had been for 2 hours when I jumped in. He really isn’t sure what he believes. He believes there is a God but doesn’t know much about him. He has a lot of questions about faith and God and not enough time to ask them all. He was very easily distracted during our conversation but as he left he asked us why we were so nice. I pray God uses our positive encounter to show him what God’s love can look like
– He was vacationing in the US when we met him on the University of Chicago’s campus. He is from Italy and is Catholic. Unfortunately when we ask him about his walk with God, he didn’t really understand our question. I just pray that God continues to open his heart to God and let God show up in his everyday life blessing him and drawing him nearing to His love.
– Student also at U of Chicago who grew up in a Christian household but doesn’t currently believe because of past events his family has gone through. We had a fantastic conversation getting to know him and he was super open to talking with us. He had some questions of his own too. I pray that God can leave this conversation lingering on his mind and allow him to continue thinking our conversation.