My Calling

Best Bible Study on Campus

Best Bible Study on Campus

My first time I shared my faith and the good news of Jesus Christ was at Panama City Beach with Cru. As terrifying of an experience as that was, it was the most impactful week of my life. After that trip, I immediately wanted to go on a summer mission that summer. However I never acted upon the calling and instead got an internship for the summer while the thoughts of summer mission slowly slipped away. As the school year picked back up I started considering going on a summer mission trip with Cru again. I felt that same tug I had from the previous semester and after lots of praying and self discovery I have decided to embark on a summer missions trip to Chicago for this upcoming summer! I am so excited to see what God will do through me in the 10 weeks I am there. Spending the summer with Jesus and other Christian students and staff, I will be working at a job during the day and participating in a leadership development and outreach project in the evenings and over the weekends.

I am excited to live in a new city and branch out of my comfort zone to follow the Lord. Summer mission gives me the opportunity to not only share my faith with people in my work place but also meet with students on the campuses of Chicago to share what Jesus has done for us and outreach to those who have a longing to know God personally. Up to a third of those students are from an ethnic background and many do not know anyone who knows the Lord. Besides going onto campuses and sharing my faith, I will also be mentored and challenged to grow in my walk with God. I am excited about trusting God to use me and our team to give young people in the city an opportunity to know that a relationship with God is possible.

My Goal with this Website:

I have created this blog so that I could post and keep a record of my time leading up to and during this Summer Mission trip. Blogging is a great way for my friends, family, and those supporting and encouraging me on this trip to see all the things I will be accomplishing over the summer. My goal is to post as regularly as possible, uploading pictures and stories of my experiences while spending the summer dedicated to the Lord. I have no idea what this summer holds for me, so please hold me and my team in your thoughts and prayers. I encourage you to join me in observing what the Lord will do when He has control of my life by keeping up with me and my summer experiences on this site. Thank you for all your support and prayers. My team and I are especially grateful for them. If you feel lead to give to my mission trip you may give here.