“Act 2 Begins Now”

And with those words, all the staff walked off stage, out the door, and left the Church. Last night was the staff farewell night as their 5 weeks in Chicago has come to a close. The next 5 weeks are completely and entirely run by the students, everything from community events, to finances, to food catering, and campus time. I knew this time was coming but I still was shocked when the staff left and realized, this is it, this is our time. I am so excited to see all of us step into our roles and take on the leadership the staff has had these past few weeks as we make this mission trip our own. We have learned so much from the staff and now it is our turn to put teachings into action and watch what God can do when we all work together.

Final day with Staff
Photo Credit to my friend John!

Last Day on Campus with my Discipler Kyle before Staff Leaves:

I’m going to miss them

Left to Right: Clay (staff), Ian, Michael, Caleb, Me, Kyle (staff)

Left to Right: Clay (staff), Ian, Michael, Caleb, Me, Kyle (staff)

Well, this is it. Staff leaves at the end of this week and then the students are taking over from there. Yesterday we had our last action group and spent the night getting food from a new place in Chicago called Small Cheval before going to Jeni’s for ice cream. Then we did our shortened Bible Study out in a local park in the area. It was a really great time. I am both excited and anxious for the staff to be leaving as we have to take everything over and continue to do all the events we have currently been doing including meetings on Monday and Thursday nights, campus time on Sundays, Tuesday fun events at night, Action Groups, regular work (Chick-fil-a for me), and campus outreach. I expect next week to be really difficult at first as we all begin to figure out what needs to be done and experiment with some trial and error. I am so excited to be spending the next 5 weeks with just students here while we learn how even as students, we can keep a whole summer mission trip functioning just normally. It is going to be crazy.

Pictures from the 4th:
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Hammocking to Fireworks