Catching Up

I know it has been a long time since I have posted but I am going to try and catch up to today with what has been going on. I have been learning so much from everyone here on mission with me and I’m so blessed to get to spend my summer in Chicago with them and with the Lord. In the past couple weeks I’ve gotten to spend lots of time with friends while watching Finding Dory/Big Hero 6, playing soccer on Saturday mornings, playing volleyball until the lights turn off on the courts, playing games in the skylounge, going to Church on Sundays and getting to hang out afterwards…usually at Velvet Tacos! I’ve gotten to meet a couple other people from the Dwight Lofts that aren’t here on Mission with us, one guy Iran is from Jerusalem and I got to meet him as he was moving in. I also got to meet this girl from Miami whose name is Lina and she is actually part of Cru back at her school, what a coincidence! Sunday the 26th we had a staff vs students kick ball game which was a ton of fun as we all dressed up in USA colors and wore face paint to take on the staff. Tuesday night the 28th we had a movie night and watched Zootopia….such a good movie! After the movie night we play a couple games together and hung around in the skylounge. Wednesday I had my first really good conversation with someone at UIC. My discipler (Kyle) and I got to meet and talk with these two guys from UIC named Nathan and Kyle. Kyle was Catholic and Nathan was 7th Day Adventist, and we got to go through Soularium with them to learn about their background. Continue reading