Catan and My Second Day on the Job

Selfie and Fountain

Today I get to go back to campus for disciple time and for sharing. While here I got some pretty nice views of the city and the campus. I got to talk to this one guy named Mahesh. It was a very tough conversation. He enjoyed blurring out all the religions of the world and seeing how they all pointed to being nice to others. He then came to the realization that the only point of living was Karma and that everyone’s life ends at 0 on his Karma scale. It was still great to hear what he thought of and how he looks at life. After lunch I went out with Clay and he walked me through how he likes to use Perspective cards, which was nice to see. This is definitely the tool I have the hardest time using. While we were out we got to see some awesome views from atop a building on campus. We didn’t find anyone to talk to before we had to meet back up so we hung out at the meeting place and just talked about our times at INDYCC. After campus I hung out at home before we had our family dinner. Continue reading

Still need to do chores on summer mission??

Chopped Final Creations:
Chopped Creations

10 second Video of the Judging:

Today I woke up and realized…I ran out of underwear. I was supposed to go to campus today to share since I am not working, but since I don’t have any clean underwear I have to do laundry. I get out of bed late and then go to start my laundry. I come back up and make some breakfast. Then I go to switch loads and return to my room for quiet time with the Lord. I spent a lot of this quiet time pondering and talking to God instead of reading the Bible today but I felt so much better after just sitting in silence and thinking. After the laundry was done I brought it back into my room and finished up my quiet time. By this time it is like noon so I decide I should take a shower and get ready for the day. Continue reading

First Day on the Job

So today I get to start working at Chick-Fil-A in the kitchen. My shift starts at 9 am and I am there just a little earlier than that so I may put my stuff in the lockers before clocking in for work. Today both Naomi and I were being trained in the back of the kitchen. We learned how to toast the buns and put the pickles on the buns, work the machines that cooked the chicken, make the fries and see how long they should stay out before being thrown away, as well as a trash run. After the training, I did the machines the rest of the day and Naomi did the buns and pickles. The lunch rush came and made the work become more fast paced. It made the time fly by though. First time I looked at the clock it was 12:50 and I am only on until 2 today. At the end of my shift I was making a trash run and this guy walked up to me and asked me if I knew how to get to Macy’s. I told him it was my first day on the job and that I was not from around there so I had no idea. He began to walk away and said “Jesus loves you”, to which I responded “He loves you too which is why I am here”. He stopped and I began to tell him how I was there on mission to spread the Gospel to those in Chicago. He started talking to me about some of the Christian artists he liked and walked with me to the dumpster on the side of the building. His name was George and he pulled out his phone and started playing music from it in hopes I would recognize it. I didn’t know any of his music as he was 75 years old and liked music from his younger ages and I didn’t start listening to Christian music until about 3 years ago. Continue reading

Free Weekend (for the most part)

Today is our first free day this trip! This is also the first day of 90+ degrees outside! Many went to the beach to hang out and play but I was so exhausted that I took the day off, from almost everything! And it was glorious. I woke up early but refused to get out of bed until about 11:30ish. My roommates and I hung out around the lofts and played Chinese checkers until James came to visit. Then we talked about potentially watching a movie on the day off. We decided to watch Now You See Me 2 around 5. I really liked the movie, I haven’t seen the first one but it wasn’t hard to pick up the second one at all. Afterwards my roommates and I stopped at Target to pick up some more food so we could all pitch in and make a large meal for the night. We made Pizza, Tortillas, Green Beans and Mac and Cheese. Then we learned of an online version of Mafia called Town of Salem and so we spent the rest of the night playing that game. It was a very relaxed and lazy day but it was so worth it.

Movie Theater area:
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