Day 1: Move in!

Yesterday we arrived at the Dwight Lofts early in the morning to unload my stuff for registration! Registration started at 10ish and they had music and excitement and everything! I met one of my roommates in the lobby as I was preparing to move my stuff up to my floor. We both headed up and had problems with getting our keys to work on our door. My roommate Jay went up to the 11th floor to fix his key and eventually we both get into our room. He unloads his stuff into room B and I unload into room A. Once we unload we head up to the sky lounge to relax a bit, meet some others, and do some activities. Then we head with a group to the train station to get a pass for the month for unlimited transit in the city. Then we went back to our room to begin unpacking. One of our roommates stuff is in Jays room so we think Ryan is here. As we unpack, another box of stuff comes up to be unloaded into my room. The guy says it is Ryan’s stuff and then we discovered that the rooms were originally mislabeled and so Evan had put his stuff in Jays room. We unloaded Ryan’s stuff into my room and then we all went up again to the sky lounge to hang out for a bit. Ryan left to get his pass and Jay and I headed back down to the room. When Ryan got back we all decided it was too much work to switch all the stuff and so we ended up just switching rooms. We spent the next couple hours setting up the room and man these rooms are nice! Continue reading

En-route to Chicago!

After a couple crazy days of the basement floor covered with stuff, I am finally packed up and on the road to Chicago!!! Literally, my dad and I are halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago as I am writing this! I am so excited and can’t believe how fast this past couple months have gone. The mission trip officially starts tomorrow but dad and I are going up a day early to see the city and get me to the lofts as early tomorrow as possible. Tonight we will be staying in a nearby hotel and walking around the city. I cant wait to start venturing out and “taking the scenic route” as I wander over the city trying to find my way from one place to the next. The past month has been busy with support raising and I am very close to full support! I have been talking with my roommates for the summer and I am really looking forward to meeting them tomorrow! I know its going to be a very busy weekend as the 100+ students and staff meet for the first time and come together to build a community that will live beyond just the summer! I know there are a bunch of orientation activities planned for the weekend too. I’ve been looking forward to this since I found out I got accepted to go in early February and now that it is right in front of me, I couldn’t be happier! Mission prep for the night, don’t “take the scenic route”, get a good night sleep, and pray that everyone arrives safely and that we have a great time getting to know each other. Thank you for keeping up with me and for your prayers this summer. Here we go!

Test Run: Big-Break PCB

It has been just over a month since I finalized this website and began reaching out to my family, my friends, and my community for support for my Summer Project. I am amazed by what God has done in just this month. He has brought in half of the cost for my summer mission trip and even given me a glimpse of what awaits me this summer! Thank you to everyone who has contributed with prayers and/or financial support!

Creative Date

This past week I was down in Panama City Beach with Cru for the Christian Conference Big-Break! I spent the entire week in a huge Christian community and was continually challenged to live out my faith. At the beginning of the week, I wrestled with my idea of giving up control to God. I was looking forward to the week at PCB so much that I put restrictions on how much control I wanted to give up. I started saying things like “I am really excited to see what God will do this week….but I really just want to make sure I get a room in the towers”, “I really hope the room has wifi I can use” and even Continue reading

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone!

I am so happy you came to visit my site I dedicated to my Summer Mission Project in Chicago for this upcoming summer! I currently am in the setting up stage so please feel free to look around the website and see my Calling page as well as my Goal page! Also check out the Resources page as it has videos relating to Cru and summer missions, and even has a video from the Summer Mission to Chicago from last year! I will be posting more as it gets closer to summer!

If you feel called or are considering to give a gift to support my trip please visit my profile page at Cru’s giving website. Here you will be able to donate as well as receive the receipt for your tax deductible gift.