Catching up…again

It has been a very busy and draining couple of weeks and I have not been able to find time to post anything recently. So I wanted to take some time and catch up on the big things.


On Thursday the 14th, a bunch of us went to see The Secret Life of Pets and then surprised my friend Eli with a surprise party in his room afterwards. The movie was fantastic! If you have thought about seeing it you should go see it 🙂 Below is a picture of those of us who went!


Last Wednesday, I went to the Planetarium for Night with the Lord and sat on the side facing the lake. I brought my hammock and it was such a nice night to be out. This is a video of my view from Night with the Lord: NwtL. At the end of NwtL, as it was getting dark outside, the moon was rising from the lake and the sun illuminated it in such a cool way. Here are two pictures of the moon that night:

sun moon

sun moon2

5 thoughts on “Catching up…again

  1. Wow Josh I really like what you’ve done with this website from the music to the pics to the written content and especially the prayer list. Fantastic!!! We are so proud of the obvious growth and experiences you have persevered through these past 8 weeks in Chicagoland. Make the most of these final 2 weeks but don’t stress yourself out too much. You’ll never be able to do it all but you can definitely savor every moment of the next 14 days!! We look forward to hearing in person all about this trip. Love, Dad

  2. We received your letter. Those pictures are awesome! Sounds like your decision to spend the summer in Chicago with the Cru group was the right one. I will keep you in my prayers as this journey comes to an end. Thanks for all the updates. Be safe! You are loved!

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