Catching Up

I know it has been a long time since I have posted but I am going to try and catch up to today with what has been going on. I have been learning so much from everyone here on mission with me and I’m so blessed to get to spend my summer in Chicago with them and with the Lord. In the past couple weeks I’ve gotten to spend lots of time with friends while watching Finding Dory/Big Hero 6, playing soccer on Saturday mornings, playing volleyball until the lights turn off on the courts, playing games in the skylounge, going to Church on Sundays and getting to hang out afterwards…usually at Velvet Tacos! I’ve gotten to meet a couple other people from the Dwight Lofts that aren’t here on Mission with us, one guy Iran is from Jerusalem and I got to meet him as he was moving in. I also got to meet this girl from Miami whose name is Lina and she is actually part of Cru back at her school, what a coincidence! Sunday the 26th we had a staff vs students kick ball game which was a ton of fun as we all dressed up in USA colors and wore face paint to take on the staff. Tuesday night the 28th we had a movie night and watched Zootopia….such a good movie! After the movie night we play a couple games together and hung around in the skylounge. Wednesday I had my first really good conversation with someone at UIC. My discipler (Kyle) and I got to meet and talk with these two guys from UIC named Nathan and Kyle. Kyle was Catholic and Nathan was 7th Day Adventist, and we got to go through Soularium with them to learn about their background. It was cool to see how they never really talked about this to each other but were still really open to talking with us about it. Nathan said part way through the conversation that he was looking more into Christianity because he didn’t like the strictness of the Adventist, especially when it came to not being able to eat certain foods. After Soularium we asked if we could share the KGP (Knowing God Personally) and Kyle actually had a copy given to him the previous week but they both let us walk them through it. It was my first time every leading and sharing the KGP with anyone. It was so great to meet and talk with them on campus and I hope that we get to meet up again in the future to continue the conversation! Thursday one of my friends from Cru at OSU that I met and became close with came and visited some friends on mission so I got to see her and talk with her for a bit! Friday the 1st I didn’t have to work until later so I got to have lunch with my friend Andrea from OSU. She graduated and works now for United Airlines in the Willis Tower. It was great catching up with her and trying a new place to eat called Luke’s Sandwiches. This past Saturday I got to play soccer again and go to the beach afterwards. One of the guys I met at work joined us to hang out today both at soccer and the beach. We found a new beach called 12th St Beach and it is right next to the planetarium. It was such a nice day and a nice beach, but I got sunburnt badly from the beach. After the beach we had a men’s movie night to hang out with just the guys and watched 300. Sunday (yesterday) was really interesting because we got to find out our new roles for the next half of the summer. Since the staff is leaving this Friday, the CSM is going to be run entirely by the students so we take on the roles and responsibilities of the staff for the remainder of the mission. My role is one of the leaders for Men’s event along with two other guys. We will be planning everything for one maybe two men’s events in the second half of the summer to bring us closer together and to challenge us to live like men in Christ. I am very excited to see how things go.

Video from the Beach:
Beach Video


Fountain night

Quiet time with the Lord:
Quiet time shore

Quiet Time Hammock

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  1. I’m happy for you, Josh, that you’re deepening your love for Jesus and looking inward at your relationship to Him and others! WOW! What a summer you are experiencing! Proud of you always! God bless you!

  2. It really sounds like you are having an adventure. Thank you for keeping us updated on your blog. I enjoy reading to see what you are doing. Sounds like you are meeting a lot of new and interesting people. Be safe. Love you!

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